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The Flash: So Long and Goodnight | 6 x 16 – recap

The Flash is back from a month hiatus on the CW. Iris is still unknowingly being held hostage in the mirror realm while her doppelganger walks around, ruining everything. Kamille is Eva’s latest recruit as a Mirror version of her is now teamed up with Mirror Iris to do Eva’s bidding. In the last episode on March 24th, Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamille retrieved the Prismatic Refractor, Eva’s invention that her husband sold.

Will Iris realize she’s being played and escape from the Mirror Realm? Will Barry notice he hasn’t seen his real wife in over a month? What is Eva’s actual plan?

So Long and Goodnight

We catch up with (Carver) and find out he’s hired another meta to eliminate Joe, against the advice of the previous captain, Joe decides to interrogate Sunshine, the last meta they caught to find out about Carver. While Joe is driving to CCPD, a force takes over his car and tries to crash him into a wall. Joe narrowly escapes.

Former Captain David wants to put Joe in witness protection.

I still think he’s in on it.

Joe refuses and opts to follow up on his lead with Carver. Ragdoll was behind the car accident. He sneaks into CCPD inside an evidence box and attempts to kill Joe. Barry arrives in time, but he’s not fast enough to stop a bullet from hitting Joe.

Despite a second attempt on his life, Joe won’t let up on the investigation. Barry pleads with him because he’s not fast enough to save him. Barry tells Mirror Iris that he’s losing his speed, but he’ll stop Rag Doll. Mirror Iris tells Barry not to let her dad die, which causes him to feel guilty about losing his speed.

Joe runs off to visit Carver without letting anyone know.

Please remember that real Iris put a kill switch on her family several episodes ago. So how is Carver attempting to eliminate her dad? Won’t he be sabotaging himself? 

During his encounter with Joe, Carver admits he hired Rag Doll and so much more. He says he’ll call of Rag Doll off if he leaves him alone. Joe recorded their conversation, but Carver deletes the recording with an EMP. When Barry finds out, he pleads once again for Joe to stand down.

Side note:

Real Iris is starting to adapt to the Mirror Realm, but she is also trusting Eva. She’s revealed that Barry is the Flash (Eva already knew). Eva tasks Mirror Iris with draining Barry of the rest of his speed to protect her husband, Carver.

Ralph is still looking for Sue and hopes that with Cisco’s help, they can locate her. Cisco tries to hack the First National Bank at an investor’s brunch but gets caught by January Galore. This cuts his hack short as January Galore disables his hack. It turns out Galore was Sue in disguise, and she escapes with access to all of the bank’s financials.

Ralph catches up with Sue. Apparently, Joseph Carver is blackmailing her parents, and that’s why she’s stealing bank information. The two of them bury the hatchet, and Sue gives Ralph back the diamond she stole a while ago in good faith.

Nash, Allegra, and Cecile agree to band together if Carver comes after Cecile for Joe. Nash and Allegra disagree about their friendship since she now knows she is the doppelganger of his previous apprentice. Afterward, Rag Doll attacks and knocks out Nash. Allegra uses her powers, but Rag Doll prevails and captures Cecile.

Barry and Joe arrive to save her but end up triggering the start of a bomb. Joe swaps seats with Cecile on the bomb seat. While Joe tends to Cecile, Barry struggles against Rag Doll. He eventually handcuffs Rag Doll, runs to save Cecile, and then goes back for Joe.

Joe pulls the wire on the bomb and disarms it with seconds to go. When Barry arrives, Joe agrees to go into witness protection, leaving Barry for takedown Black Hole and Carver.

Barry probably used more speed than he needed to, but at least the bomb didn’t go off, right?

Plot twist! Former Captain David is actually Mirror Former Captain David because he tells Eva that he’s successfully removed Joe from the situation. Eva then says that she will be the one to make Carver pay for his errors.

When the news of Joe’s demise gets back to Carver, he celebrates until he realizes there’s a mirror standing in his apartment. When he looks in the mirror, he sees his wife, Eva. She asks him to stop destroying the world, but he says no and breaks the mirror. He stands tall over the shattered pieces of glass as Eva stares at him, plotting her next move.

Did I mention I hate Mirror Iris?

Mirror Iris and Barry argue because he didn’t run to get her before Joe went into witness protection. She kicks him out after he explains that he’s in pain every time he uses speed, which angers Barry. He leaves the apartment, with his energy in red and his fist clenched.

I cannot believe he doesn’t know Iris better than this.


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