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My Hero Academia: School Festival Start!/ Let It Flow! School Festival | 4 x22 / 4 x23- recap

With two episodes of My Hero Academia season, four left, School Festival Start brought an abrupt end to the feud between Gentle Criminal and Deku right at the beginning of the episode as Gentle Criminal realized the errors of his ways and his mishandling of La Brava.

Picking up at the end of the last episode, Gentle Criminal turned himself over to U.A. High authorities Ectoplasm and Hound Dog. He never mentioned his fight with Deku, only that he had a change of heart and wanted to stop his evil ways. He even confessed to kidnapping La Brava and brainwashing her. La Brava did not go along with that, though.

Deku had been shoved away across the forest before officials arrived, but he returned to the scene. When Ectoplasm confronted him about his encounter with Gentle Criminal, Deku confessed that they disagreed, but it went no further than that.

And so, Deku succeeded in keeping the school festival on schedule.

Class 1-A rocked the house with their exciting musical performance, and everyone enjoyed it. By the end of the performance, Eri had a smile on her face from ear to ear. She expressed her enjoyment with glee once she met with Midoriya face to face. Midoriya and Mirio now had the satisfaction that they helped Eri shed her previous emotional burdens from Overhaul. And Nejire Hado wins the beauty pagent!

After the end credits, Gentle Criminal’s interrogation commenced. His interrogator told him that he could rehabilitate regardless of his current feelings. The police also offer La Brava an opportunity to use her hacking for good.

Maybe we’ll see La Brava and Gentle Criminal as an ally in the future.


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