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Darwin’s Game: Heads up | 1 x09 – recap

Kaname vs. Danjou’s matchup begins with a no hold barred battle. Inukai is appointed the referee, but he does not make a difference in the match.

Heads Up

Ryuji and Rein watch Kaname’s fight, and Rein states that she will not sell information about Kaname or any of the other group members as they’ve formed the Sunset Raven’s Clan.

We’re on equal footing. – Danjou

As Danjo continues to fight Kaname, he hasn’t used his sigil though Kaname has. It’s revealed that Danjou is the 4th ranked player in Darwin’s Game. But a flash-bang grenade from Kaname causes Danjou to use his hardening sigil and call the match a draw.

The masked woman from episode 8 arrives and uses an energy sword attack to stun everyone in the room. She then abducts Kaname. Remember her goal was to claim him as her prize for picking him to win the treasure hunt.

The rest of the Sunset Raven’s, including Shuka, Rein, Ryuji, and Sota/Sui pursue them in a military truck.

Kaname’s abductor is Liu Xuelan, and she’s ranked number 1 in Darwin’s Game. She’s a user of the ancient martial arts techniques passed down through her family, including energy swords.

Liu states that she wants him to work for her; she tells him he’s suited for war. She also wants him to father her child.

Kaname’s friends track them down, and a car chase begins. Kaname makes a deal with Liu. If he can escape with no casualties, then she has to let him and his clan go.

Liu uses her energy sword to take out Shuka, but is unsuccessful. The fight continues on the road, and the Sunset Ravens get the upper hand and force Liu to stand down.

Against the words of his clan members, Kaname accepts her into their clan because she keeps her promises. Shuka is especially upset because Liu has a romantic interest in Kaname, just as she does.

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