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My Hero Academia: Gold Tips Imperial | 4 x20 – recap

Things are still calm in the aftermath of Overhaul, but Gentle Criminal is looming.

gold tips imperial

Mirio brings Eri to U.A. so that she won’t be in shock when she arrives for the festival in a month. With Midoriya tagging along, they visit Hado, who is preparing for the beauty pageant, Hatsume in the extended functions lab, and walk around the campus to take a look at the festival preparations.

When they break for lunch, Eri expresses her excitement to see how everything in the festival works out.

The police have expressed the need for U.A. to exercise restraint so that they don’t run into any trouble, and everyone stays safe during the event. As a result, the principle agreed to cancel the event if there was even a hint of trouble.

Midoriya ends up being kicked off the dance squad by Mina and put on effects. He’s also continuing his training with All Might in his spare time. Hatsume runs into him practicing and offers to show in a glove she’s creating as a support item. All Might approves as long as he’s not entirely dependent on it.

Midoriya returns to the dorms to search for a video showing All Might in support gear but accidentally taps on Gentle Criminal’s video about his upcoming attack. He talks with Uraraka, but they don’t conclude what Gentle Criminal is planning.

When we see Gentle Criminal and La Brava, they are discussing their planning ambush. That involves Gold Imperial Tea Time, infiltrating U. A high, and disabling the security system with La Brava’s hacking talents.

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