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Darwin’s Game: Fragile | 1 x08 – recap

Can Kaname get his group out of trouble?

Ryuji has an inner dialog with himself and reveals that Wang chopped up his little brother. Because of Wang’s actions against his family, Ryuji wants to take him down.


Kaname threatens to destroy the key that supposedly leads to the ultimate treasure if Wang does not agree to let them go in its exchange. Kaname explains that the key he’s holding opens a safety deposit box that holds the Diamond Treasure.

Wang’s inner dialog determines the weight of the diamond treasure versus the amount of cache the 8th clan has already gathered worth millions of yen. He assumes that the diamond treasure will be an unprecedented reward and doesn’t want to miss out. So he guarantees Kaname’s safety but not Ryuji’s.

“The one who’s still alive at the end is the winner.” – Kaname

Kaname throws the key at Wang, and he lunges for it. Ryuji thinks this is to give him an opportunity to strike Wang from behind, but it’s just a stall tactic so that Kaname can enter a code into a coin locker. Rein gave him this code.

The diamond code is 185911

After Kaname opens the coin locker, the participants are notified that the game has been cleared. Wang tells Kaname that he will find him and cut him up for tricking him.

The onlookers who’ve been watching the show from an unidentified location witness Kaname’s victory, and only one of the elites bet on him, a woman with a mask. She tells the host that she will receive her winnings by her own hands.

“1000 points for Kaname Sudo!” – Game Master

The game master calls Kaname moments after his victory from a phone in the box from the locker. To prove he is actually the game master, he awards Kaname with 1000 points. He then offers to split up an additional 5000 points with Rein, Shuka, Suto/Sui, and Ryuji, leaving Kaname with over 5000 points.

Kaname’s actual prize for winning the event involves giving him a special privilege within Darwin’s Game.

Kaname wants to quit the game. The game master tells him to do that he must win the game by completing the games unknown objective (which will shut down the game) or destroy the game master.

We never find out what Kaname chooses for his privelege, but we do find out that he has a rare sigil is called Fire God of Iron. Remember when Kaname was fighting the Florist? He tapped into his power then.

2 Months Later

The treasure hunt is being covered up as a terrorist attack. Kaname’s group has officially become a clan and Shuka and Sui are looking for a house to buy for the group.

Hiiragi’s insurance money is given to his daughter, Suzu, who is still in the hospital. She finds out he passed by the representative that gave her the money. Rein assured came along to make sure she received her trust. Rein offers to tell Suzu, more about Hiiragi’s life, if she wants to know.

Ryuji managed to get his arm healed by two owners, Danjou and Kaede of the Danjou Boxing Club, that houses members of D-Game. Recall Kaname met a member of this clan moments before the treasure hunt began named Inukai.

As clan leader, Kaname is trying to ally with Danjoy’s boxing club. Danjou challenges him to a no holds barred match to determine if the alliance will stand.

Youta, Kaname’s friend from school, hasn’t seen him in a while, so he visits his previous address. He gets approached by 8th clan members when he goes to Kaname’s old dwelling to check on him.

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