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4 reasons to download Black Desert Online for Steam

Black Desert Online released in December 2014 on PC, rolled out its console version in August 2019 and followed up with its mobile version in December 2019.

Today, IGN reported that the MMO RPG is available on Steam for free until March 2, 2020. I’ve been playing Black Desert Online on PS4 since its beta in the summer of 2019, and now I’m going to pick up the free option on PC.

If you haven’t played the game, but have been looking for an MMO RPG to sink your teeth into, here are seven reasons you’ll enjoy Black Desert Online.

1. variety in Character Customization

Do you want to look like the troll that lives under the bridge? How about the Goddess Elf with crystal skin?

You can customize your character down to face shape, eye color, tone, and complexion. Also, there are a variety of character types that you can play, including my favorite play type sorceress.

2. Solo Play

If you’re interested in straying away from the main quest line and dungeons, you can pass the time by breed horses, going finishing, hunting, crafting, and gaining experience points by complete the overflowing amount of side quests.

And as a perk of your extracurricular activities, you can trade or sell anything you earn for resources, the in-game currency, and other useful items. So even when you are passing the time, you are not wasting it.

3. Challenges

While Black Desert Online does not have full-blown raids, it does have a variety of bosses that present a challenge for players and help you level up. If you are interested in player-versus-player combat, you can. However, keep in mind there are penalties for your actions in the game that will change your reputation/ karma based on how you play.

4. Skill Building

Acquiring experience is an essential part of Black Desert Online. Every activity you take part in helps you gain XP in some form. Using your XP, you’ll expand your skill tree and unlock more significant attacks. Your abilities will make you more viable during boss fights.

5. It’s free!

Once you download it on Steam, its yours. This may be a limited time offer, but once the offer is up you still have ownership. Black Desert Online hold hours of entertainment, especially if you play with friends. So if you are searching for a game to try out, this is definitely an option.

The free weekend also coincides with developer Pear Abyss launching the beta of its new battle royale game, Shadow Arena, which is set in the Black Desert Online universe. The Shadow Arena beta runs from February 27 to March 8, although you’ll need to register to take part. – IGN

Here is a full review of Black Desert Online. It’s for the PS4 version, but it will still give you a good idea of what to expect – Click here.

Keep in mind that the free version of Black Desert Online is for Steam only until March 2, 2020.

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