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The Flash: Grodd Friended Me | 6 x13 – review

This episode of The Flash episode has a little bit of an ominous feeling to the beginning of this episode as Barry looks for his parent’s gravesite with no luck.

It looks like the original team flash is preoccupied with their own business. Too busy to help the Flash on communications during a meta attack.

Chester (who finds out Barry Allen is the FlashFlash during this encounter) and Kamilla join him on coms, and they help him navigate the city that has changed a lot since the crisis. 

3.725 trillion changes since the Crisis on Infinite Earths

Barry is very skittish. He takes out some of his frustration on Chester, telling him that he’s not on the team despite being around Star Labs all the time. Kamilla talks Barry down a little, but he still needs to figure things out on his own.

‘Somebody that I use to know.” – Nash Wells

Allegra is with Nash helping him catch particles caused due to the crisis. Allegra notices that Nash feels familiar with her, but he won’t admit that he’s her father. He’s continually haunted by Harrison Wells’ of the past.

During a failed experiment, Allegra and Nash get blown up, and Nash’s bag falls over, revealing a photograph of him and a female (his daughter). Allegra sees this, but when she questions Nash, he does not answer. 

The question is, is the female in the photo a doppelganger from another earth? Or is it Allegra from Earth-Prime who is somehow suffering from memory loss?

Frost convinces Nash to tell Allegra the truth, but before he can, he’s approached by one of the Harrison Wells ( I believe its Sherlock). He states, “He is coming,” and then his body vibrates, and his eyes turn red. 

What does Nash Wells have to do with the Reverse Flash?

“You let go of the past.” – Barry Allen

While experimenting on his mobile Gideon device, Barry electrocutes himself sending him into an alternate reality while he is unconscious.

He wakes up in a cage as a science experiment. His speed is gone, Caitlin and Harrison Thawne are treating him like Grodd. He’s in the mind of Grodd experiencing his memories during a time before the particle accelerator exploded.

It turns out that Grodd is asking Barry to help him defeat a gatekeeper that was placed in his mind after his numerous infractions. Barry refuses and heads to the nearest portal out of Grodd’s mind only to be met with Solovar (the gatekeeper Grodd spoke of).

In the real world, Frost and Chester find Barry knocked out on the floor. Kamilla joins them to attempt to help Barry escape using the same technology they used with Nora and Gracie/Cicada.

Solovar and Barry end up in a fight. Grodd is currently in a coma. If they wake Grodd up, Barry’s mind will be trapped forever, and they both will die. Chester admits he tweaked Barry’s device, and that’s what allowed Grodd to pull him into his mind.

A New Member of Team Flash

Despite Chester’s misstep, Frost invites him to help Team Flash save Barry. Grodd tells Barry that he wants peace and to go to Gorilla City, and Barry decides to help him.

To beat Solovar, Grodd and Barry team up by syncing their brains to escape the mental prison. Frost finally breaks through Barry on the coms. However, Barry and Grodd have to separate before they leave his mind, or they will die.

Chester comes up with a way to use Gideon to do this, and both Barry and Grodd return to consciousness safely.

Mirror Dimension

Barry apologizes to Chester for not being welcoming, and Chester offers a new map to show Barry where his parents are buried. A meta attack begins, and Barry asks Chester to man the coms. Team Flash gets a new member!

Meanwhile, Iris is still in the mirror dimension with Eva trying to figure out how to escape. They opt to use a machine that Eva created. It opens to the portal, but when Eva tries to go through it, she burns up

“Carver is mine!” – Mirror Iris

Mirror Iris is still working on information with Carver. Joe refuses to share police information because he can’t now that it’s an official investigation.

She plans to meet Joe for lunch but blows him off to sneak into his office and steal classified information.

“What did you do to us?” – Mirror Iris

Lastly, Eva and Iris regroup from the burning incident. Eva asks Iris to find more bandages and then opens the mirror to find Mirror Iris standing there. They have the same burns. 

Eva heals Mirror Iris’ burns and says that she’s bought them more time.

Now, is Mirror Iris trying to do Eva’s bidding to take down Carver? What is the extent of her powers? How long can she keep real Iris in the dark? What is Mirror Iris’ actual purpose?

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