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My Hero Academia: Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part | 4 x19 – recap

Gentle Criminal plots his next attempt at gaining notoriety.

Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part

Gentle Criminal explains that he is going after people who act in an “ungentlemanly way.” He tells La Brava that going to go to the U. A High School festival will attract the most attention. In the past, criminals like Stain have taken his spotlight without attempting too.

His YouTube channel receives comments that shun him for not being aggressive, and as the months have progressed, his viewership has declined. Now he has a plan that will shock the world that will go into effect within hours of the festival.

Bakugo on the drums

Class 1-A continues to play out their festival activities. Kyoka arranges everyone who will play instruments. She asks Bakugo to play the drums, but he has one condition.

In his opinion, no one in the school likes them because they were targets of villains and gaining attention for their encounters with them. Bakugo strongly suggests that instead of trying to appeal to their schoolmates, they give them another reason to be mad by “rocking out.”

In addition, Kaminari and Tokoyami are assigned the guitar. Kyoka will do vocals, Momo will play keyboard, and the rest of the class will break up in to effects and dance team.

The Path Forward

Midoriyia meets with All Might to discuss the lack of progress he’s making during his training. He explains that, during his fight with Overhaul, he was only able to go past 20% Plus Ultra because of Eri’s support. His lack of long-range attacks have hindered him, and he’s still unable to go past 20% on his own without getting exhausted.

All Might suggests a way for Midoriyia to move forward in his training using One for All by adjusting the way he distributes his power and at what level of strength to create long-ranged attacks.

By the end of the episode, Mirio greets Eri at U.A High to for the U.A. High School Festival.

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