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Darwin’s Game: Eighth | 1 x07

The Florist continues to hold the attention of the Eighth Clan Generals while Kaname and the rest of the group search for the treasure.


The Florist (Hiiragi) and Rein planned for him to take out the invading Eighth Clan members and meet up with the rest of the group. However, Hiiragi ended up fighting some of the strongest sigil holding members.

Hiiragi ends up being ambushed by another Eighth Clan member who can use wind as his sigil. He’s distracted, and that causes him to get critically injured. Hiirage uses his sigil to play his final trap card and destroy the entire building, leveling it, using his leftover life force, and taking out the remaining clan members he was fighting.

Subway with the Eighth

Multiple D-Game members in the treasure hunt have also decoded the numbers written on the treasure rings. Rein recognized those codes on the rings lead to diamonds. When Rein arrives at the subway station (the assumed location), she’s met with Eighth Clan members who are not participating in the treasure, but they are backing up Wang (the group’s leader).

Rein sneaks around the train station in stealth mode, trying to avoid Eighth Clan members who are patrolling. However, a clan member has a “wolf smell” as his sigil and notices her scent. As a result, Wang captures her.

After some stalling, Kaname, Ryuji, Sota/Sui, and Shuka arrive to save Rein. Despite Kaname’s efforts, his group ends up in a shoot out with the Eighth. Shuka and Sota/Sui take out several Eighth members, but Wang eventually shuts her down. Ryuji also comes face to face with Wang and gets his arm sliced off.

Ryuji is planning to use a grenade to blow everyone up, but Kaname catches up with them and offers to trade information for their lives.

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