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The Flash: A Girl Named Sue | 6 x 12 – Review

What happened to Iris when she walked into the mirror?

After Iris finishes watching her imposter mirror image cuddle Barry on the couch. She turns around to see a woman, Eva Mccullum. She’s a scientist who founded Mccullum Technologies with her husband, Joseph Carver. She got blown into the mirror dimension as a result of Harrison Wells’ particle accelerator explosion. 

Eva tells Iris to accept the fact that she is trapped. Meanwhile, Mirror Iris is still investigating Black Hole and trying to draw a concrete correlation between Carver and the group. She asks Barry to unlock the mirror weapon, but he says no because, in the past, weapons have fallen into the wrong hands.

Side Mission:

“I fell in love with a murderer. Happy?” – Sue Dearbon

Ralph is still looking for his missing person, Sue. His trail has gone cold since he and Barry snuck in the criminal gala to find her in The Flash: License to Elongate | 6×06 – (the CW). 

An alert goes off that Sue used her credit card to lease an apartment in Central City. When Ralph arrives at the apartment, Sue says been on the run because of her previous relationship. Her ex-boyfriend, John Loring. She claims she knew too much information, so now he’s trying to kill her.

She came back to Central City because Loring is making a sale, and she wants to connect him to his misdoings and get him in jail. To connect Loring to his crimes, Ralph and Sue attempt to steal documents from a safety deposit box.

It turns out Sue is a con-artist who used Ralph to steal a diamond, and all of her stories were false. As a result, Ralph ends up locked in a vault. Sue ends up being approached by Loring. Ralph saves her, but then Ultraviolet cleans house to steal the diamond that Sue just took.

Flash comes to save Ralph after Loring proceeds to attack Ralph, Ultraviolet leaves in anger, and Sue gets away with the diamond.

Connect the Crimes

Barry arrives at CCPD, and Joe asks him to look through an old solved case file and asks Barry to keep the information he finds between the two of them.

Barry determines that UV Rays were used in the closed case. It turns out that Joe is investigating Carver’s misdoings as well as Iris. 

Absolute Zero

While arguing with Eva about escaping the mirror dimension, Iris recalls a time in the past where Team Flash got a Barry out of a mirror dimension by freezing the mirror to absolute zero. They agree to get liquid nitrogen (conveniently stored down the hall) to attempt this escape method.

Unfortunately, this method breaks the mirror leaving them at square one.

Mirror Iris goes to the Star-chives against Barry’s wishes, but can’t find the mirror weapon. She does run into Nash, who is also looking for something, but they both deter each other because neither of them should be down there. Continuing from the last episode, Nash is being haunted by Wells from the past.

It’s revealed that Harry has the diary of Harrison Wells. But for what?

Back in the mirror dimension, Eva begins to freak out, revealing that she has meta powers that could help her and Iris escape.

Mirror Iris and Barry speak again after trying to calm down Ralph due to the Sue Dearbon issue. Afterward, Barry gives Mirror Iris the mirror gun and tells her he trusts her to investigate the Black Hole further and help Joe with his investigation too.

Why can’t Barry tell she’s not his wife? 

Eva fixes the mirror, but she and Iris are still stuck in the dimension for now.  

We also catch up with Sue, who is examining her diamond. It’s revealed that it has something to do with Joseph Carver and Mccullum Technologies.

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