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Star Trek: Picard after one episode

I haven’t watched a Star Trek series in a while. I did see the movies, but as much as they may have used canon from the show, they were still soft reboots. I decided to take a look at the premiere episode of Star Trek: Picard because Patrick Stewart is back in a starring role, and I was interested to see what this story was centered around.

The premiere episode begins with a sleeper agent, Dauge, being attacked while on date night with her boyfriend. Just as the attacking agents try to take her away, she activates and eliminates them all. She has seconds to mourn her boyfriend before a flash of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) takes over her mind.

Meanwhile, a retired Picard is having nightmares about losing his friend Data and watching Mars explode after his separation from Starfleet.

The Story

The galaxy comes to interview him because it’s the anniversary of a Super Nova that threatened the loss of millions of lives. Picard, on the Enterprise and with the endorsement of Starfleet, saved those lives despite them being enemies. However, during the interview, Picard was ambushed by the reporter regarding the subsequent actions of Starfleet after a group went rogue synthetics nearly destroyed Mars. Those actions caused the mandate of the destruction of synthetic life.

Picard gives his unfiltered, honest opinion because “no legacy is more important than the truth.” As a result of the interview, the girl whose boyfriend died finds Picard for help because he is trustworthy.

This episode is rich in story, which leads me to believe the entirety of the series will be this way. Commander Data stored a part of his neuro net into twin synthetics that were raised as humans. Unfortunately, the Romulans have figured this out and are on a mission to destroy them.

Picard decides that he has to save them and the legacy of his friend Data. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes about finding his mission and how many familiar faces will return to aide him in these adventures.

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