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The Flash: Marathon | 6 x10 – review

The Flash is back for the second half of the season. After the events of the crisis, Team Flash is ramping up its operations again.

Cisco is still paranoid about possible issues stemming from the crisis, so he is keeping his war board active to discuss potential problems and how to deal with them. Frost is very calm about everything.

Since the recreation of the universe, the stable earth prime has inherited “a ton” of villains. So even though earth prime has all of the superheroes, the villains outnumber them.

Nash Wells is back as well. He wants to run tests on the dig site to make sure no one reopens the anti-matter universe again. He acquires a Krypto-circuit from Cisco to do so.

Team Citizen and Black Hole

Picking up with “Team Citizen,” Iris meets with a source from Mccullum Technologies to get information about the Infrared Photon Rifle and Malcolm Stromburd, the person who stole it. He reveals the organization that eliminated Stromburd as Black Hole.

Iris says her dad can’t do anything because he’d have to launch an investigation. Cecille urges them not to pursue, but Iris intends to run the story with or without comment from Mccullum Technologies.

Iris goes to speak with the CEO of Mccullum Technology, Mr. Carver, and is asked not to run the story, but of course, she does. As a result, Mccullum sues the Citizen for defamation, and Black Hole shoots a meta weapon into the Citizen office.

“An infinite number of Harrison Wells, and we’re stuck with the one who killed the multi-verse.” – Cisco

Iris, Alegra, Camilla, and Cecille escape. Alegra and Camilla go to Star Labs and explain the incident to Cisco. Shortly after, Nash arrives to check on Alegra. He and Cisco have a heated exchange of words because Cisco hasn’t forgiven him for his role in the destruction of the multi-verse and the deaths of trillions of people.

Meanwhile, Iris arrives to see her source just before he’s blasted. She ends up being shot by (High-intensity light) the When Iris gets back to Star Labs, she tries to go over the new information she has. She identifies the assassin as a former doctor, Kimiyo Hoshi; however, she faints due to her injuries.

Joe tells Iris that the infrared photo rifle left no traces of evidence. He tells her she needs to dig deeper because the Black Hole has been working for seven years. During their conversation, she decides to reach back out to Joseph Carver again.

Oliver’s Mask

Diggs visits Barry and Iris to give them Oliver’s original mask that Barry made for him. Barry thinks a smudge on the mask means a new threat is coming, but Diggs is skeptical.

Diggs and Barry speed run to an island to investigate a secret soldier serum that they believe Oliver left a clue for on his mask.

After scouring the island, Barry and Diggs come up empty while looking for the super-soldier serum. Diggs tries to convince Barry that the mask is only a gift, but he is in denial.

Diggs explains that Oliver and Thea fought Death Stroke while he was wearing his mask. He gets Barry to understand that Oliver laid down his life so that everyone else could live and tells Barry to slow down and try to enjoy life.

The Trap

Camille impersonates Iris to draw out the Black Hole assassin. It works, and Joe and Frost apprehend her moments after she speaks with Carver from Mccullum Tech.

Iris shows up at the Mccullum Tech press conference to speak with Carver again after it was reported that she was killed by Hoshi. Iris then confronts Carver with her evidence, including that the same tech used in the meta weapon is used throughout his company.

Carver tells her that she doesn’t have the whole story and lets her know her family is in danger. Iris reveals she has a kill-switch active. So, if anyone she knows dies, he’ll be implicated in the Black Hole scandal.

Carver tells Hoshi to stand down, and she does. Carver also withdraws his lawsuit against the citizen.

Cisco’s Guilt

After watching a message from Harry Wells, who lost his intellect last season, Cisco confesses to Caitlin that he was regaining his intelligence. Cisco feels he could have helped prevent the Crisis if he hadn’t of taken the cure. Earlier in the episode, Cisco revealed that he can no longer breach and Caitlin tells him to take a break away from Central City to gather himself.

By the end of the episode, Cisco prepares to take his break and leaves Nash in charge after apologizing for their argument. Nash pulls out a picture of himself with a version of Alegra as Cisco goes.

Iris and the Mirror

Iris and Barry spend some time together, and then Iris realizes that her lead gave her some information regarding Eva Mccullum, Carver’s wife, who’s been missing.

She goes back to Mccullum Tech because now she has the keys, and security is horrible there. She searches around and takes photos of documents, discovers a massive mirror in Eva’s office, and then gets snatched into it.

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