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Why the Sims: Bustin’ Out is still amazing | Celebrating The Sims 20th Anniversary

In 2003, one of my favorite Sims games was released. With the 20th anniversary of the Sims franchise passing on January 31, 2020, let’s talk about why The Sims: Bustin’ Out is one of the best games of the franchise.

For a 13-year-old transitioning from games like Bust-a-Groove and Tekken, Sims was one of the first RPG games I experienced. I never played the online version of the game, but I enjoyed the base game of The Sims: Bustin’ Out for its guided free play.

You start the game off losing your scooter because of Malcolm Landgrab, the richest sim in the game. Not to mention, you live with your mom, who wants you to make something of your life. So after the game tutors you through simple tasks, you are on your own to earn simoleons (game currency) and reach fortune in the game.

— Try The Sims: Bustin Out here —

The best part of the goals in The Sims: Bustin’ Out is that you can power through them, but the game forces you to balance your life. So you can’t just work on leveling your skills because you’ll neglect your sleep, your relationships, and your overall health. And as the demand for your career increases, so does the need for your self-care, which provides the real challenge.

That’s a good life lesson.

To “beat” the game, you have to reach ten promotions in any career. However, from what I remember, it was so easy to get sidetracked in the game because there are so many side quests to help other sims, not to mention, you take control of other sims when you move in with them. It’s a significant and fun part of the game, especially when you consider the atmosphere and personal customization you still control.

Another great addition to The Sims: Bustin’ Out was the soundtrack. I legitimately played the hip hop, techno, and pop stations no matter what. And when the age of Youtube arrived, I saved the OST!

Admittedly, I haven’t played a Sims game since The Sims 3, though that may change now because I am feeling seriously nostalgic. With the growth of the online community and the addition of expansions to make the Sims simulation even more lifelike, I’m not surprised that this franchise has continued to flourish.

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