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My Hero Academia: Win those kids hearts | 4 x16- Recap

It’s the day of the provision hero license retake. Todoroki and Bakugo arrive to see rivals from their initial test from Shikenstu High School. Altogether 11 students are retaking the test.

Endeavor and All Might arrive in the stadium and draw the group’s attention moments before the proctor confirms that Cami from Shikenstu High School was drugged and did not take part in the last exam.

Killer Whale points out that the reason the group failed (at least Todoroki, Bakugo, and Inasa) is that they lack the conviction and ability to inspire people. So he makes them take care of grade school children. To pass, they must conquer the children’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Endeavor and All Might begin their much-awaited conversation. Endeavor reveals that crime has increased by 3% since All Might retired. The spirit that All Might instilled in the country is starting to crumble.

What is the symbol of peace?

All Might tells Endeavor not to imitate his motto, but take his time and create his own. People appreciate them differently, so to Endeavor needs to create a legacy of his own with the citizens.

During the exam, Cami, Todoroki, Inasa, and Bakugo debate on how to reach the children. They try relating to them, using violence, and flattery, but are shut down each time. It turns out the children believe that they will be better heroes than the next generation up because they have better quirks.

The children and the group of four come to an impasse as the children challenge the high school’s students to a fight. Seji states that if this encounter is done correctly, the children will be uplifted, but if not, their hopes will be dashed.


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