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Underwater (2020) is full of terrifying moments | Movie Review

Despite not having any expectations of this movie, the first moments of Underwater were reminiscent of Alien. I thought I was wrong, but I was definitely on to something.

In the starting moments, an underwater submarine station comes under attack in some way. The unstable nature of the rig forces two crew members, one of which is Nora (Kristen Stewart), to shut off the collapsing part of the ship to save the rest of their rig.

They then find an information computer to find out where the rescue escape pods are. When the remaining members of the crew reach the pods, they realize they aren’t there. Luckily, their captain is, and he comes up with a plan to hopefully get everyone to safety at the Roebuck despite limited oxygen and pending death.


kristen steward as Nora/ Underwater
Kristen stewart as Nora/ Underwater

I determined early on that I probably wouldn’t know any of the jargon used in this film. Because of that, I decided to enjoy the movie at face value. It’s a very dark film to watch, which adds to the urgency and sci-fi nature of the narrative.

As a viewer, you don’t have many options to get to know the characters because the members of the crew that you meet are immediately thrust into a situation that begins to kill them off.

Between acts of nature, unfortunate events, and of course, a scary-looking alien species, this movie keeps your heart pumping, and the jump scares coming. The death scenes are gory and sad as well.

Highlights – minor spoilers

kristen stewart as Nora/ Vincent Cassel as Captain

Most of the movie is dark and full of running, but a few of the moments in the film are fantastic.

Nora and Emily find a colony of aliens hibernating on the part of the underwater rig. Just as they are making it past the aliens dragging Emily’s boyfriend, Emily’s oxygen warning goes off, causing them to attack. What worse is the mother alien is there too, and it’s humungous and ready to eat them! It’s a terrifying moment.

Another incredible moment happens when the three surviving members of the crew make it to the remaining pods. Nora helps her crew members escape, and instead of allowing the aliens to go after them, she blows up the entire drill in an attempt to kill the colony.

And of course, despite everything that went on down on the underwater drill. The film shows newspaper clippings stating that the drill will is going to be rebuilt. The final scene hints at a possible sequel. A sequel could make sense given the fact that every one of those aliens may not have been destroyed, but Nora has to have blown up, right?

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