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Infinite Dendrogram after one episode

This is a cute anime. Initially, I saw the summary and thought…

Sword Art Online light?

There’s no life threatening issues. The players aren’t stuck in the game. There are consequences if you die in the game, but non permanent to the player character. So maybe it only seems similar to SAO because of the environment that the story takes place in.

With only one episode available, I think it might be. Our main protagonist, Ray Starling, starts up a new virtual reality game called infinite Dendrogram. He acquires a quest minutes after dropping into the world and with his brother he attempts to help a very realistic NPC (non-playable character) find her little sister.

As the episode progresses, you’ll figure out that Ray has a heart of gold and will probably run into a lot of problems as a result. Ray’s companion helper, who turns out the be a maiden type, ends up offering him a powerful weapon to defeat an enemy type that is several levels stronger than him.

I have a feeling that will happen a lot.

We’re supposed to believe the power of trust and a pure heart summons his maiden companion to defeat the enemies and pass the quest. Which it may, but I wonder how Ray will grow into his own as a warrior in the game.

I’ll keep up with it, but I’m not sure if this will be a must-watch.

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