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Maybe DC shouldn’t make a Joker sequel

After the blockbuster success of Joker in October 2019, there have been reports of a possible sequel to capitalize on its stand-alone success.

Admittedly the Joker movie was one of the best movies of 2019 and absolutely the best DCEU movie released since Aquaman (2018). But what qualifies this film, that was meant to be a stand-alone adaptation of the Joker character, for a sequel?

This post isn’t meant to deter or encourage the continuation of Arthur Fleck’s story. I’m just wondering whats next? The ending of the movie left a lot up to interpretation.

Did Arthur Fleck actually go on a killing spree after realizing he was adopted and abused?

Was he in a therapy session the entire movie?

Was he in Arkham Asylum the entire time?

Did the people really rally around him after the events on late night television?

Did he really look that cool coming off of the train full of rioters and dancing on the staircase in New York?

Joker (2019) is mind-bending (review)

With that in mind, how will Todd Phillips continue Fleck’s story? Should he expand on the events of that night beyond what we saw? I’m only asking because Joker was such a unique piece and I’d hate to see Arthur Fleck’s captivating character muddled by forcing him into the current DCEU if he has no place there.

We’ve already seen Batman rebooted mid-DCEU cycle and The Flash is taking a while to start production as well. With so many moving pieces, things would get muddy so fast and once again, we’d be left with a concept that may have sounded good on paper but didn’t translate well.

Whether the sequel happens or not, I hope Todd Phillips is able to make the best decision for the property.

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