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Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pt. 4 & 5 | The Flash / Arrow (The CW)

Finally, the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s special continues on The CW after a month-long hiatus. Please feel free to catch up with the events of the crisis by clicking here (for part 1 and 2) and here (for part 3).

As speculated, Oliver Queen has now become the Spectre. He has transcended his worldly responsibilities and is now acting as a guide for the Paragons to help them reach the Anti-Monitor.


We find out The Monitor (aka Mar Novu) went back to the beginning of time 10,000 years ago and created the Anti-Monitor. We also see the Monitor had a wife and they were in love. As a result, Novu has been motivated to protect the world because all life is precious.

When we meet back up with the Paragons, Barry (Love), Sarah (Destiny), Cara (Hope), Kate (Courage), Martian Manhunter (Honor), Choi (Humanity) and Lex Luther (Trust), they are still at the Vanishing Point outside of the Anti-Monitors reach.

Everyone is distraught because the multiverse is destroyed and they have been unsuccessful in their attempts to escape. The Flash ran into the speed force to free everyone from the Vanishing Point, but that didn’t work.

7 paragons

Not only did The Flash leave his group, causing everyone to isolate themselves, but he also ended up disappearing for two years despite it only feeling like a few moments for him.

Eventually, the Spectre (Oliver) shows up to assist Barry in using the speed force to help everyone escape. Oliver’s goal is to rally the team together because that is the only way they will defeat the Anti-Monitor.


Oliver proposes that he, along with the Paragons, go back to the dawn of time to stop the Monitor from making the Anti-Monitor. However, that doesn’t work because time travel comes with semantics.

The Anti-Monitor shows up to stop the Paragons and succeeds. After being separated from the rest of the group, Oliver tells Barry to travel back in his past memories to when he created strong bonds with his friends.


As Barry travels back to the past, he revisits some pivotal moments in the Arrowverse. He revisits moments in the early days of Arrow, the Elseworlds crossover, and he also has an interaction with fellow Flash, Ezra Miller.

Seeing both Gustin and Miller interact was a nice gift to the fans of DC. It allows both to exist without conflict. Why? Because of FLASHPOINT!

Ezra and Gustin


The Paragons have a huge standoff against the shadow army while Spectre (Oliver) fights the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time. Oliver does not survive his fight with the Anti-Monitor but his sacrifice allows the multiverse to be reborn.

The Spectre and the Anti- Monitor

With the events of the crisis coming to a head, all of the heroes are now dwelling in the same universe. Yes, The Flash, Black Lightning, Super Girl, Bat Woman, and the rest of them are on Earth-Prime. But the drama hasn’t ended because the Anti-Monitor is still alive.

The shadow army begins to attack Earth-Prime to have one more battle with the Paragons. The Anti-Monitor arrives, but this time due to Choi (Paragon of Humanity) and Palmer (the Atom) the group is prepared. They attack him from all angles and end up trap him a sphere that will continuously shrink for eternity.


As a farewell to Oliver, the president gives a speech in his honor. But we also see some foreshadowing cameos. We see Star Girl (who was announced for her own show last year), Green Lanterns Universe, Doom Patrol, and SWAMP THING!

I’m specifically excited about the Swamp Thing because I followed the entire first season and I’ve been hoping for news regarding its continuation!

Barry also reveals a Justice League headquarters for everyone at Star Labs now that they all are on the same planet. As a final tribute to Oliver, they leave a Green Arrow seat at the table.

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