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My Hero Academia: 100% Infinite | 4 x13 – recap

Chisaki versus Deku continues after Ryuko Tatsuma, Sue, and Uraraka crash land on Chisaki.

It turns out that Toga of the League of Villians disguised herself as Deku and returned to the surface to get there help. As a result, the group crashed through the floor and provided a much-needed distraction in Chisaki and Deku’s fight.

Through the falling debris, Deku managed to catch Eri in the air and used One For All at 100%. Eri’s began to use her quirk so that Deku would not get injured.

Eris quirk rewinds the person’s biological makeup. She killed her dad as a baby by accident in the past and was given to her grandfather after the incident.

Chisaki, who was taken in by the leader of Hassakai, wished to use her to dial back time to when quirks did not exist. The leader of Hassakai only meant for Chisaki to investigate Eri’s quirk, not mutilate her. When the two continued to clash, Chisaki injured his leader with the notion that he would heal him once his goal was complete.

During his fight with Deku, Chisaki has a moment of reflection about his goals and still cannot understand why people won’t go along with him.

I do want to mention that this fight between Deku and Overhaul is on of the best from the series so far. Now I see why everyone was so afraid of Chisaki and why Rappa is so pressed to beat him. The way that Overhaul manipulates his body is insane. However, Midoriya’s transformation while using One For All 100% was very impressive. If this is what he’s like at 100%, I can’t wait to see how he performs once he can control it without almost killing himself.

Deku ends up knocking him unconscious at full power. Nighteye saw a different future. It was a future where both he and Deku died in battle and Chisaki escaped. However, Deku has changed the set future.

A number of Hassakai are detained by police, but a number of heroes are heavily injured as well, including Red Riot, Fat Gum, Erasure, Lemillion, and Nighteye.

Now that Deku has changed the future that Nighteye saw in the battle with Chisaki, can he keep his promise to change All Might’s future as well?

What’s next?

Recap what Sir Nighteye saw in All Might future (click here).


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