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Party of Five after one episode

Freeform’s 2020 drama, Party of Five started off like the generic mellow dramatic teen television show. But it quickly pulled on the viewer’s heartstrings.

Watching anything regarding hardship and suffering is always tough to watch. But seeing this group of four children struggles to find normalcy after their parents are deported to Mexico is heartbreaking, especially the scene when the children see their parents been sent away.

This is a show is a retake of the 1994 drama follows the same concept but, I never watched the 1994 version so, this is new to me.

Half-way through the premiere episode, I wanted to turn it off because I wasn’t expecting to legitimately cry during the show. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly didn’t know I’d be wiping tears.

All of the children are suffering right now, but I expect things to start looking up as the show continues and the children begin to receive the support they need from each other.

I also anticipate shedding more tears as the children begin to deal with serious issues without their parents.

If you like drama television shows, Party of 5 is definitely for you.

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