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My Hero Academia: Unforeseen Hope | 4 x12 – recap

This episode of My Hero Academia was high octane.

Deku and the others have finally caught up with Lemillion. Lemillion is currently fighting Overhaul. Overhaul has denounced his name during the fight and mutated into a different being by fusing with Nemoto.

At this point, Lemillion is weak and barely able to stand. He and Eri are recovered by Nighteye which Deku attempts to hold off Overhaul. Unfortunately, Overhaul’s quirk has proven to be very powerful and tough to overcome. Even Erasure isn’t able to withstand a fight with him.

Erasure gets knocked out and ends up being abducted by Hai Kurono.

Nighteye directs Deku to protect Lemillion and Eri while he fights with Overhaul, however, Nighteye has used his foresight to see what would happen. Nighteye saw himself and Deku both perishing in the fight.

Regardless, Nighteye battles with Overhaul only to be impaled by several pieces of the distorted ground. Deku rushes back to the fight he powers up to All For One 20%. He commands Lemillion and Eri to run away and find other heroes to help them get to safety.

As Deku continues an epic fight with Overhaul, Overhaul beings to use Nemoto’s quick, confession to lure Eri back to him in exchange for the safety of the heroes and police that tried to help her.

As Eri steps back into the room, leaving a passed out Lemillion in the hallway, Ryuko Tatsuma (in dragon form) along with Uraraka, Sue fall through the ceiling landing ontop of Overhaul. This allows for a brief reprieve in the fight to end the episode.

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