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Darwin’s Game: First Game | 1 x01 – recap

The first anime of the winter season that we are focusing on is Darwin’s Game. When I first saw the trailer for this anime, it gave me “King’s Game” vibes. However, the first episode of Darwin’s Game starts at lightning speed and the action is hard-hitting, non-stop, and unbelievable at times. This one is going to be good.

First Game – spoilers

The episode opens with a character later identified as Hamada running for his life as an invisible figure chases him through the streets. Hamada is verbally searching for a friend to help him escape or fight his hunter.

Unfortunately, Hamada does not survive his game and ends up being decapitated, but not before he sends his friend, Kaname, a text message invite to the games app.

It’s not until the next day at school when Kaname sees the app invite just as a mutual friend, Hiroyuki, tells him not to open the free-to-play game. Of course, he opens the app and a snake bites him on the neck. Kaname passes out and ends up going to the nurse’s office.

When he wakes up, he’s met by Hiroyuki and another friend. Hiroyuki warns Kaname not to use the app, but he doesn’t listen and ends up being matched with a “rookie hunter” named Banda.

With the help of Hiroyuki, Kaname survives his first match and watches Banda disappear in square parts. Hiroyuki also dies from a stomach wound. We later find out that both Banda and Hiroyuki were out of life points, and that is why they died.

Kaname meets Shuka. They end up in a battle after she fails to trust that he is as clueless as he claims to be. Her main concern was finding out his Sigil (or special ability). During the fight, Kaname does figure out his ability to conjure or summon items at will and that helps him devise a plan to disarm Shuka and end their match without anyone dying.

Shuka then pledges her undying love for Kaname and asks him to begin a family with her after he wakes up from a coma.

We also see another female character that has been watching Kaname and planning to sell information about his sigil.

Keep in mind this is a mature anime.

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