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What is satisfying about The Mandalorian? | Season 1 Review

After finishing up the first season of the Mandalorian on Disney Plus this week, I was thoroughly satisfied with how this new character opened up the Star Wars franchise to new adventures.

With a lot of mixed impressions about the final installment to the recent movie trilogy, the one thing that I noticed about the Mandalorian was the fans overwhelming appreciation for it. Specifically, the final episode directed by Taika Waititi who has previously done great work revitalizing Marvel’s Thor character and surrounding elements with ‘Thor Ragnarok’.

The action was amazing throughout the show, but one of my more memorable comedically timed moments involved the stormtroopers in Moff Gideon’s army. When those two stormtroopers bantered while waiting for instructions on where to escort Baby Yoda I could not stop laughing. I just kept thinking, the way they played off of each other was a realistic reaction in that situation.

But I digress.

I think the most endearing factor about The Mandalorian has been the character’s ability to connect with the audience without saying much. Mando or Dyn Jarren’s mysterious persona keeps the viewer at a distance until we meet Baby Yoda which humanizes him and makes him likable character even though he is mostly stoic.

Most of the episodes were self-contained, but in the final two episodes, the curtain is peeled back on Mando’s past and we are able to understand him that much more. But the interesting part is his character never loses his mystic. Mando never breaks character and that is reinforced by the way other characters act around him.

Of course, Baby Yoda was adorable, but Mando as a character kept me invested in the season. I look forward to what season two will look like as The Mandolorian and Baby Yoda set off to find the Yoda civilization.

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