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My Hero Academia: LeMillion | 4 x 11 – recap

Chisaki reveals the production of the quirk removal serum takes a lot of resources and a long time. His Blockade tells him to keep moving forward because they are on to something big.

In a flashback, toga and twice tell Chisaki what their quirks are after one of his goons, Nemoto, uses their quirk to force their answer. The one thing they don’t reveal is Shigiraki’s plans to infiltrate and destroy the Hassaiki.

Toga and Twice

Back in the current time, Mimic raging and distorting the walls. Deku notices where Mimic is working from and kicks him in the face. Erasure cancels his quirk and they realized the League of Villains has used them.

Meanwhile, Lemillion has caught up to Chisaki and Eri. Lemillion fights Nemoto whos quirk is confession and Sakaki who’s quirk is sloshed.

Nemoto asks Lemillion if he let Eri go because of his ambition when they first met. Lemillion answered yes, but claimed that he is now fighting to be Eri’s hero. Lemillion bypasses those enemies and Eri retrieves her after swinging at Chisaki.

Eri tells Lemillion he shouldn’t be there, but he stands firm to be her hero.

Lemillion ends up punching Chisaki in the face which causes Chisaki to take his gloves to use his quirk, overhaul. Blockade, Chisaki’s lieutenant, shoots his gun at Lemillion while he’s holding Eri in an attempt to get him to drop her.

Eri and Hassaiki

Chisaki makes it clear that he doesn’t mind hurting Eri because he can put her back together again using his quirk. He also confirms that Eri is not really his daughter.

Lemillion goes on a tirade, punching, kicking and disappearing underground to complete surprise attacks on both Blockade and Chisaki while protecting Eri with his cape. Blockade ends up shooting his cape which separates the long part of the cape from the short part near his shoulders.

Nemoto frantically uses a quirk cancel bullet and aims at Eri, but LeMillion dives to save her and takes the bullet.

He keeps fighting despite Chiskai and his goons attempt to stop him. LeMillion does end up being impaled by several rocks and just as hope seems to be lost, Deku breaks through the walls with Erasure, Nighteye, and the others following close behind.

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