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Games you should be excited for in 2020

Though there are a lot of anticipated games set for release in the new year, there are a few that we are specifically looking forward to that have not had a lot of publicity or have had a lot of confusing events surrounding them. They all happen to be zombie-related games, but that is a complete coincidence. Nevertheless, they still hold the potential to provide hours of entertainment.

  1. Dying Light 2

The Dying Light sequel published by Techland is adding some cool features to the survival horror game. This time around, there are factions included in the game. Based on your decision making and interaction with those factions, their perception of you changes and that affects the flow of your story.

This new feature adds a level of flexibility that players appreciate in a game that weighs your progression heavily based on things like when you explore the map (Day or Night) and how you choose to level up. And I always enjoy the co-op multiplayer, which is returning for the sequel.

It should be released this year. No date announced.

  1. Resident Evil 3 Remake

If you are a fan of any version of Resident Evil, whether you like the games or like the movies, you had to have been excited when you found out Resident Evil 3 Remake is being released.

Early leaks suggest that the remake will be released in 2020 and I am hoping that that is the case. I’m always pretty skeptical about remakes. However, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake (released Jan 2019) was so well done and I enjoyed replaying the story. I’m pretty sure that the Biohazard storyline with Jill Valentine and Nemesis will provide me with the same enjoyment. The trailer released on December 10, 2019 and the entire re-imagining of the story looks amazing.

Resident Evil 3 will be released on March 4, 2020.

  1. Last of Us Part II

Finally, seven years after the first installment, the Last of Us sequel is being released. Sure it’s release was delayed from 2019 to May 2020 but I’d rather there be a delay than a bunch of issues on launch. I’m excited to find out what direction Naughty Dog goes in regarding Joel and Ellie after all this time.

I personally replayed Last of Us four times. Two times on Playstation 3 and two times on Playstation 4 when the remastered version was released.

The original story had so much depth, the clickers caused me so much terror, and now I’m looking forward to another story as intense as that.

  1. Dead Island 2

Production for Dead Island 2 was in flux until recently when Dambuster Studios announced that they would be taking over development.

The biggest reason I am looking forward to this game is because of the atmosphere. The action is taking place in California this time instead of an island due to a zombie outbreak.

In 2011, I played the initial Dead Island release. The story was good enough, the characters were different, and you didn’t know who to trust. I have to admit I did get dizzy playing the game but blame it on the vibrant playable areas. I specifically remember having to take a nap because I couldn’t figure out which direction I was supposed to take. Turns out I had to go through a hidden corridor.

After changing hands so many times, one can only hope that players will be presented with the same critical thinking to go along with the action-packed story.

There hasn’t been a confirmed date for release.

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