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Favorite Opinion Posts of 2019

There are a lot of reviews available on this blog site, but there a few opinions that I will argue with anyone about. I’ve listed them below.

Shazam! should be a TV series moving forward

Following the release of DC’s Shazam, I starting thinking about the Arrowverse on CW and the Bill Batson character would mesh well in the Arrowverse. Ultimately this is a great option for Shazam, especially now that Oliver Queen is finishing up his tenor and Barry Allen will most likely take over as the leader during the crossover events. Read the full post here.

The trouble with some remakes and reboots

With the movie market flooded with remakes and reboots, it’s becoming hard to determine if they are bad or just over done. I decided to analyze the increasing issues with re-imagining properties that were previously critically acclaimed works of art. Read the full post here.

Fantastic Four (2015) in retrospect is a sci-fi horror film

Fantastic Fours remake in 2015 was meant to take advantage of the rising popularity of Super Hero films, however it didn’t land well. So I decided to look on the bright side and determined that the film wasn’t as bad as it seemed if you approach it differently. Read the full post here.

Saints Row should come back

I enjoyed the Saints Row franchise, most specifically when Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row: IV came out. So I called for anyone involved in the license to bring the franchise back. I even gave free advice on how to do so. After I published my post, it wasn’t long until Deep Silver announced they’d bring back the game. and will release more details in 2020. I’d like to think I had something to do with that. Read the full post here.

Aquaman is the best DCEU character

DC ended 2019 on a high note with Joker, but that wasn’t always the case. Some of the previous movies weren’t received as well as they should have been in theory. For example, any movie released in the DCEU( DC Extended Universe) could have been executed better. However, I felt and still feel that Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman is the most polarizing character before Batman and Superman in the DCEU. Read the full post here.

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