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Fire Force: Those Connected | 1 x21 – recap

In this episode, we continue with the standoff between Lisa and Giovanni versus Obi and Vulcan. Lisa discloses that her powers were created using the engineered bug allowing the same flames that scarred her to heal her. Despite being captured, Obi and Vulcan try to convince Lisa that she is only a tool for Giovanni.

As their fight begins, Obi takes intentional blows from Lisa and uses those blows as an opportunity to plan extinguisher bombs on her. They all explode at once and douse her flame tentacles leaving her in a weakened state.

Vulcan catchers her as she falls and she settles into his arms, Giovanni comes to remind her of the debt she owes. Lisa clearly wants to stay with Vulcan but settles into her duty to Giovanni. Just as she tells Vulcan to forget her, Giovanni wraps a fire rope around her neck and threatens to behead her unless he shoots Obi.

After some theatrics, Vulcan shoots Obi prompting Giovanni to let Lisa go. Obi wakes up after a moment as a result of some shields Vulcan built into his suit.

As they continue to fight, Vulcan points out that since he defected to the White-Clad Giovanni’s mechanics are raggedy. Despite the insult, Giovanni tells Obi and Vulcan that the evangelist is more than an idol and Shinra will find out. The

Cut to Shinra, after a series of visions about his childhood with Sho through his adolla link. Shinra follows his link to Sho’s feet. Sho says he doesn’t remember their mother before they disappear.

An amazingly choreographed fight breaks out between the two. Viktor isn’t able to see them due to the speed of their attacks. He’s only able to see the fire marks that Shinra’s feet are making just before he’s pinned to the wall after being saved by Shinra from Sho’s blade.

Viktor Breach Blog

From there, the camera allows the viewer to see the fight from Shirna and Sho’s perspective. In a moment that looks like Sho stops time, he slams Shinra against a wall.

Back with Giovanni, he explains to Obi what Shinra’s adolla link is and how the adolla burst is responsible for human combustion. After that, he leaves because his mission was only to buy time so that Shinra and Sho would meet.

Shinra - breach blog

Meanwhile, Sho continues to best Shinra. As Viktor pleads with Shinra to retreat, Sho takes Shinra into another dimension to explain how he can use his powers to manipulate time.

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