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Is Superstore worth binging? (NBC)

I was looking for something to occupy my family during the holiday break and somehow came across NBC’s Superstore. I, like you, have seen the commercial, stared blankly at the TV and then turned my attention to something else. However, during the holiday sometimes desperate times cause for television broadcasted shows.

I instantly was amused by the charm of this first episode. Each character is unique and with the first episode specifically, I found a lot of the set up for the show hilarious.

Jonah trying to impress his floor manager, Amy, while making a mess of everything was the biggest part of the entertainment. Other great components included Dina (assistant manager) thinking Jonah was interested in her. Of course, he wasn’t because he likes Amy. Mateo, another new employee, looking for recognition, Cheyenne falling in gullible love and, the store manager, Glenn, being fun and oblivious while doing his duties. Plus, Garrett was funny because he made fun of everyone and has a tendency to have common sense when everyone else did not.


The big reveal at the end is that Amy is married. That plot twist made me want to go on with the next episode.

If you are looking for something to binge, try out Superstore because The first episode made me want to keep watching. The comedy was on point and every moment was obvious and ridiculous but not too campy. There are five seasons of this show so far. I think I may casually catch up to see how the characters change up.

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