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The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pt. 3 | 6 x09 (the CW)

Part 3 of CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover / The Flash begins with New Gotham on Earth-203 getting consumed by the anti-matter. The heroes have been unsuccessful in stopping the multiverse from being destroyed by the anti-matter.

Sarah, Mia, and Diggle are preoccupied with bringing Oliver back. Sarah plans to go to purgatory and get his soul back, just as he did for her. Remember, Oliver’s body is alive, but he is crazed from the Lazarus Pit.

Cisco, Frost, and Ralph arrive on the Wave Rider to help. Cisco’s task is to find the source of the anti-matter. Frost stays with him and Barry, while Ralph joins Iris, and Atom to go get the Paragon of Humanity (a doctor on Earth-1).

During a conversation with The Monitor, Cisco tells him that he got rid of his powers and doesn’t want them back. The Monitor disregards his feelings and restores his Vibe meta-human abilities because he has a greater purpose as Vibe.

Vanish in Crisis

Vibe, Frost and The Flash go back to Earth-1 in the Anti-Monitors chamber where Nash disappeared and find Pariah there. He tells them his purpose and allows Cisco to vibe his memories to open the door to the chamber. Inside they find Earth-90 Flash running on a treadmill powering the anti-matter wave, they pull him off and the machine starts to explode.

Pariah goes to a different earth to save Black Lightning and brings him there. Once they explain what’s going on, Black Lightning stalls for time using his powers to give The Flash a chance to find a solution.

We find out that when The Monitor sent Flash (90) away during the last crossover, the Anti-monitor found him and put him there. Earth-1 Flash decides its time for the Flash to vanish in crisis. However, Earth-90 Flash temporarily takes Earth-1 Flash’s powers, says his goodbyes and asks Cisco to vibe him back on the treadmill.

Everyone escapes and The Flash (90) runs until he overloads the machine and disintegrates saving the world. There’s a flashback of him talking to Iris from his timeline in the old Flash series as well. It was touching.

Super Girl vs. Batwoman

Cara talks with Lex Luther about using the Book of Destiny to bring Earth-38 back, but Kate is against the idea. Every chance Kate gets she squeezes the kryptonite that she took from Bruce in her hand in case she needs it. Cara and Kate have a standoff in front of the book, but Cara doesn’t use it. Later in the episode, they makeup, Kate tries to give Cara the kryptonite to show good faith (Batman would never). Cara tells her to keep it because she’ll never need it. (She’ll probably need it).


Constantine takes Mia and Diggle to meet lucifer and Mia tells him they want to go get Oliver. He gives them a card to go to purgatory and once that picture disappears their time is up. They find Oliver. He initially attacks but once he sees Diggle and Mia he relaxes.

Just as he is about to go back with the group, Jim Corrigan shows up and tells him about his greater purpose. His purpose is to be the Spector (a magical being with great power). Oliver stays back with Jim and as time runs out, Constantine, Mia and Diggle teleport to the ship.

7 Paragons

Back on the ship, Iris, Ralph and Atom bring Ryan Choi (Paragon of Humanity) onboard. All seven Paragons are there. Barry (Love), Sarah (Destiny), Cara (Hope), Kate (Courage), Martian Manhunter (Honor), Choi (Humanity) and Superman (Trust).

Lyla, who disappeared with the Anti-Monitor in the previous episode, returns to the Wave Rider and hugs Diggle. The other heroes question her whereabouts, but she can’t remember. Just as the heroes piece together the Anti-Monitor’s plans, Lyla (Harbinger) wrecks everyone on the ship and kills the Monitor because she is under his control. The anti-matter starts to thrive again and destroys earth-1 (the last earth standing).

There were a few tear-jerking moments in this episode. For example, when Iris and Barry say their goodbyes even though Barry survives or when Barry talks with Jefferson (Black Lightning) about loss and hope.

“Rage Against the Dying of the Light” – Jefferson Pierce

As Lyla finishes the Anti-Monitors work, Pariah teleports the seven paragons to the Vanishing Point outside of time and space seconds before the Wave Rider is destroyed by Anti-Matter. Lyla, Iris, Atom, Pariah, Black Lightning, Cisco, Ralph, Frost, Clark from Earth-38, and everyone else on the ship disintegrate.

The Paragons stand around trying to figure out what’s happening when Superman starts to spew anti-matter. Turns out Lex Luther rewrote the scroll to include his name instead of Supermans which swapped their places and now Lex Luther is the Paragon of Trust. (I didn’t know you could change destiny with a sharpie, but okay!)

Crisis on Infinite Earths returns January 14, 2020.

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