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21 Bridges is an action-packed movie that may trigger you (review)

21 Bridges is an action-packed movie with an easy plot to follow. Chadwick Boseman asserted himself quickly while playing his character Andre Davis, and made a great impression in his first role since Prince T’Challa in the Marvel franchise.

The story starts with two thieves robbing a place for a lot of cocaine. They end up killing cops during what feels like a setup mission. They then plan to sell the drugs, wash their money at a “cleaner”, and flee the city of New York.

Unlucky for them, the district captain, McKenna orders Detective Andre Davis to find them. Davis’ father was killed while on duty and he decided to become a cop as well. Davis is also known for killing cop killers. Members of his precinct even call him “trigger” due to his reputation. He ultimately calls for the bridges to the area to be closed. But honestly, the closure of the bridges isn’t even the most interesting part of the movie.

Thirty minutes into the movie, you can tell that someone is crooked because two other detectives shoot a key witness and then another group shows up at the “money cleaners” when they couldn’t have known where the robbers were.

This sends Andre on a chase to find the cop killers and figure out how other members of the team are finding information that they couldn’t have known.

The action is very high velocity and once it gets going you will miss information if you aren’t paying attention. Especially when Andre begins to apprehend Michael, a young ex-military soldier with a dishonorable discharge. The exchanges between Michael and Andre and fast pace, but they do slow down so that you can understand each character’s point of view. Michael’s story is truly sad. Sure, he committed a crime, but the crime was extended due to a set up through the police department. He had information, but wasn’t able to give it to Andre for reasons I won’t spoil. There is even a point in the movie when something happens to Michael that makes you pause and even Andre is baffled by his partners actions.

Ending Thoughts:

The ending felt a little rushed but they did their best to explain how Davis was able to approach McKenna about the corruption. I am assuming he went through the proper channels because that’s the type of character he seems to be. However, they don’t use the time to show the viewer. It’s just implied. Overall, it was a good movie to watch. I’d suggest this movie, especially if you like action films.

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