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The Flash: The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2 | 6 x08 (the CW)

After Barry lost his mental battle with Ramsey in the last episode of The Flash, Cisco devised a plan to defeat Ramsey and save the city. He explains his idea to shoot Ramsey with radiation and stop his ability to infect the citizens of Central City because at this point he is creating Blood Brothers and Sisters.

Cisco and Iris clash on the plan because she is worried that the radiation gun could kill Barry. So instead of working with Cisco, she decides to answer the “Dark Flash” when he calls her to meet him at their apartment.

Iris goes to meet Barry and quickly realizes that Ramsey is speaking through him. Ramsey (better known as Bloodwork at this point) offers Iris an opportunity to join Barry in his dark state. When she refuses, he lashes out and accuses her of not loving Barry because she is prepared for his death from the pending crisis.

Moments later, Bloodwork tries to use The Flash to vibrate through Iris’ chest, but unbeknownst to the audience at this point, Barry stops him from doing so.

Later, Cisco successfully shoots Bloodwork in the chest with the radiation but is thwarted by The Flash. Again, Bloodwork tries to kill Cisco, but Barry stops him. This puts Iris and Cisco back to the drawing board on how to stop Ramsey.  

Side Mission: 

Cecile and Kamilla are trapped in the office space that everyone works out of. Cecile starts to suffer from panic attacks, due to her empathy powers, when Bloodwork starts to spread his zombies. Kamilla determines that her fear can detect the proximity of the zombies. They have a stealth Resident Evil moment and then fight their way out of the building and run to Star Labs.

Joe and Frost are fighting along with police but they are outnumbered and Joe gets bitten. Luckily, Allegra comes out of nowhere to assist and that allows them to run to Star Labs. After a momentary freakout, Frost saves Joe.

“Let The Light In.” – Barry

Bloodwork calls Iris and Cisco at Star Labs and reveals he wants to use the particle accelerator as a vessel to spread his bloodwork. Cisco and Iris realize that Barry has been giving them hints through Ramsey’s words on how to beat him. Cisco does some calculations and tells Allegra that she needs to use her UA blast in the pipeline to save the city.

Once Bloodwork and The Dark Flash get into Star Labs, they go to the pipeline and Ramsey puts his blood in the particle accelerator. Dark Flash chokes Iris and slaps Cisco, but then words from Iris helps him fight back. 

Ramsey gets preoccupied with taming Barry again and buys enough time for Frost and Allegra to get to the pipeline. Frost knocks out Ramsey, and Allegra uses her UA blast to send out a radiation blast and cure the city, including Barry.

Away from the action, Nash Wells is moments from busting down the door to the monitor’s room when a voice tells him to believe in the monitor and the truth will be revealed. (Sounds suspect). At first, Nash doesn’t, but then the zombies attack him. When the zombies fall, Nash thinks the monitor saved him, but he really didn’t. This causes Nash to pledge allegiance and get sucked into a bright light.

“You’re not the hero here, I am!” – Ramsey

Ramsey runs away, but The Flash catches him and beats him down. Ramsey turns into the physical manifestation of Bloodwork and fights with The Flash in the street. Just as Barry looks defeated, Ramsey has a vision of his mom. It’s a sad moment but its a distraction that allows the Flash to put Ramsey in the chamber that Chester was in from the beginning of the season.

To end the episode, Frost turns back into Caitlin so that Team Flash can spend these last minutes together. This scene was a real tear-jerker.

Time ticks down and the sky turns red because the Crisis on Infinite Earths is happening!!!

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