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Fire Force: The Secrets of Pyrokinesis | 1 x18 – recap

In this episode, Konro of the 3rd and Karim from the 1st visit the 8th Fire Force to compare notes about the White Clad with Obi and Hibana. Vulcan is officially the engineer of the 8th. He gave Hinawa a hat with horns on it and he gave Arthur his donkey stead back that exploded during the encounter with the White Clad. Vulcan also gave Obi and Maki new tools.

Remember that Rekka (former 1st member) was looking for a host of the pilot light and Giovanni (of the 3rd) found the key to Amaterasu. Giovanna along with a lot of 3rd members disappeared after retrieving the key. A new captain was put into place that looks like Giovanni to avoid suspicion. Also, Hibana states that Haijima is supporting the 3rd so the Government won’t investigate. However, she can’t confirm if they are dealing with the White Clad and the Evangelist.

As a result, the group decides the best course of action is to find the base and storm in. Obi sends Viktor (our resident scientist who was sent by Haijima) to try to find out where the White Clad’s base is. Keep in mind, Viktor is secretly friends with Joker and they are working together for a bigger plan. Their plan seems to align with the 8ths plan for now.

Both groups believe that the 8th is not strong enough to beat the White Clad. In Joker’s meeting with Viktor he says that Shinra needs to have a stronger flame to win. Konro suggests letting Benimaru train Arthur and Shinra in combat. Both groups want to help Shinra get stronger to face the threat. 

When Shinra and Arthur begin training, Viktor shows up to suggest Shinra compress his flames to increase his speed. This comes moments after Benimaru tells Shinra and Arthur they need finisher moves. 

Benimaru shows Shinra a hand position called ‘Tiger Claw’ to help him control his energy flow to his feet, while Arthur continues to spar. While the boy’s train, Konro approaches Viktor due to his connection with Hijima and tells him that he will take him out the moment he trades on the 8th. Viktor denies being a trader and says that he’s just weird. 

Note: Back in episode 10, Giovanni said that Hibana their alliance. She has since started a new alliance with the 8th after Shinra and Iris changed her perception. I wonder if she knows more than she is expressing about the White Clad. Why else would Giovanni say that to her? Also, does she know more about Viktor too? 

Eventually, Shinra gets the hang of compressing his flames and he and Arthur begin to spar with Benimaru to perfect their training. Shinra’s main goal continues to be rescuing Sho.

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