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The Flash: License to Elongate | 6 x06 – (the CW)

After taking a week off, the CW’s flash returned to Tuesday night. Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells tells Iris, Barry, and a few other people about the Monitors hideout in the tunnels of the city. He calls the Monitor a cosmic imposter with delusions of grandeur who is trying to invoke fear. Nash’s goal is to expose the Monitor. He thinks this will also save Barry.

Barry tries to phase through the wall but gets knocked down because the wall is reinforced. Nash ends up enlisting the help of Iris’ intern, Allegra, by promising to tell her the secrets of the multiverse. After fearing becoming like her cousin Ultraviolet, she eventually helps Nash by using her UV rays to heat the wall and he identifies the portions of the wall he needs to dig around. 

Nash and Allegra, the flash

He also blurts out that Barry Allen is the Flash, so now Allegra knows that and I’m sure she will through that in Iris’ face at some point. Also, Nash is reminded of someone he cares about by Allegra. I’m sure that will come into play later.

Side Quest: 

Chester, from the black hole episode, is finally healed and released from his containment center. His first order of business is to ask out Natalie, the girl from Jitters. Cecile and Frost attempt to help him ask her out, but Cecile (who is suffering from anxiety since leaving her District Attorney position) completely fails at using her empath powers to help Chester impress the girl. 

Eventually, Chester gets up the courage to ask her out without meta powers. Natalie turns him down but he is still happy he did it. Chester inspires Cecile to embrace her new future as a meta defense attorney. Also, Cecile invites Chester to Star Labs. 

I swore they ran a secret superhero organization out of there. 

“I love Mortal Kombat!” – Barry Allen

Meanwhile, Joe gives Ralph information on his Sue Dearborn case and Barry opts to help him. Barry is still on his mission to prepare his team for life without the Flash. So Barry and Ralph go to Midway City to attend a gala and dress up 007 style. 

Remington Meister is the host of the event. Barry and Ralph ask him about Sue Dearborn which triggers some red flags. However, it’s not until Barry suits up as the Flash, against Ralph’s wishes, that the two are caught and strapped to a chair in front of a killer laser weapon by Ultraviolet. During this time, Ralph tells Barry that he is just as important as his superhero counterpart. This gives Barry the confidence to help Ralph without suiting up.

Meister is holding the auction gala for underground criminal bosses to bid on a space weapon of mass destruction called the Ring of Fire. It can kill millions with one shot and the aim is to blow up Central City as an example.

Barry and Ralph escape their constraints and disrupt the weapon auction. A fight breaks out between the heroes and the villains, the countdown begins to the Ring of Fire, and all of the criminals scatter.

The villains can’t fight well, so Barry and Ralph win with time to spare and make the Ring of Fire self-destruct.

 “Thank you for your service.”- Elongated Man

CCP, Elongated Man, the flash

Back at Central City, CCP holds a ceremony with the Flash introducing Elongated Man as another symbol of hope for the city. Elongated Man and Joe also honor Barry for his work as a forensic analyst and give him the Medal of Honor.

Later that night, Bloodwork (looking more infected than the last time we saw him) attacks Elongated Man and the screen goes black. 

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