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Dr. Stone: The Age of Energy | 1 x20 – recap

In this episode, Senku is preparing to create phones while Shishio and Hyago are preparing their next attack on Ishigami Village. However, they realize that winter is coming. Shishio decides to shift focus to make sure his group survives the winter. 

Senku, on the other hand, can comfortably focus on his invention because Kokuyo (the villages former chief) is heading the rebuilding of the village. Senku deduces that it will take them until spring to prepare. Thus the war will continue in spring.

The Age of Energy

The villagers that are not helping Kokuyo, are working with Senku. Homura is spying from the trees while Senku and the Kingdom of Science create a cotton candy spinning method. The goal is to eventually spin gold to create wire, but they have to get the consistency correct first.

After making their first batch of cotton candy, they leave some for Homura. Senku hopes that she will spread the word to her clan mates and cause some of them to defect from the Kingdom of Might.

Meanwhile, Chrome is working on the consistency of cotton candy. He keeps finding clumps in the candy meaning that the gold would clump as well. Asagiri suggests that manpower may be the issue. So to help the cotton candy form smoother, Senku turns Kohaku’s shield into a gear. It allows the cotton candy to spin seamlessly.

Chrome and Kaseki sneak off to create a water wheel and surprise Senku. Senku knows what it is right away, but is thankful and happy that they figured out the concept on their own without his help. Their creation of the water wheel allows the Kingdom of Science to rely less on manpower now that they’ve created a Hydroelectric power plant.

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