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Fire Force: We Are Family | 1 x16 – recap

This episode continues with the story of Vulcan, the engineer that the 8th and every other Fire Force company is trying to recruit. At this point, he has asked Shinra, Arthur, and Iris to leave but on good terms. Vulcan tells Lisa and Yu that they are family and that their bond won’t break as he shares his vision of creating sustainable robotics to help evolve the world.

We Are Family

Despite being told to leave, Shinra, Arthur, and Iris linger on Vulcan’s land. Shinra’s adolla link notified him of Giovanni’s (the 3rds captain) plan to kill Vulcan.

Giovanni tells two members of the 3rd to shed their false garments. They remove their suits to reveal that they are Knights of the Ashen Flame for the evangelist. Flail and Mirage (the knights) surround Vulcan’s compound.

Meanwhile, Shinra tries to survey the area to find the threat. Unfortunately for him, Giovanni finds him first and they begin to fight. Shinra gets outmatched during their battle resulting in Giovanni making a call to have Shinra picked up and Vulcan’s key acquired.

Arthur and Iris attempt to warn Vulcan of the pending threat, but he is in disbelief until he sees the shimmers created by Mirage. Arthur destroys all the shimmer decoys surrounding Vulcans’ place but he doesn’t stay ahead in the fight for long after he realizes his noble steed is a donkey head.

We find out Lisa is a servant of the evangelist as she tries to kill Vulcan. She reveals that she was a plant meant to sneak in and take the key of Amaterasu believed to be in his possession.

As Giovanni arrives at Vulcan’s compound, he gives orders to Mirage and Flail to keep anyone that tries to come in out and they continue to fight Arthur.

Giovanni enters Vulcan’s house to acquire the key of Amaterasu. However, Vulcan remains that he does not know of any key. Giovanni stabs Yu as an intimidation tactic. As the episode comes to an end, Giovanni starts to destroy inventions in Vulcan’s shop as he realizes Vulcan may not know about the key.

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