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Dr. Stone: The Modernity | 1 x19 – recap

This week in Dr. Stone, the Kingdom of Science starts on a high note. Asagiri Gen betrayed Hyoga by sabotaging his spear and siding with Senku and the rest of the group on the village entry bridge. However, the group didn’t realize that Hyoga was a distraction.

Hyoga had other Kingdom of Might members with him. We assumed he only had the three goons, but he also has a female draped in pink named, Homura. She snuck into the village by swimming under the bridge in the ocean and setting the homes on fire to drive out the villagers into the open. 

Suika decided to distract the Kingdom of Might goons by drawing them away from the rest of the burning village. In doing so, she ran toward the lake where the group found sulfuric acid in their previous adventures.

Kohaku and Senku saved her before the area was engulfed by the poisoned smoke. Hyoga, Homura, and the three goons were driven up a tree and left to stay there until the poison winds receded. 

Hyago sacrificed his goons to test the winds and they perished almost immediately. But once the coast was clear, they returned to Shishio and told him of Senku’s existence, the villages scientific breakthroughs, and Asagiri’s betrayal.

The rest of the episode showed Shishio and how he recruited Hyoga after waking him up from his petrification. We also see that the Kingdom of Might have a sustainable community and feel like their way of life is better without science. Asagiri believes that Shishio’s charisma is the core reason that he can persuade people so fast. 

Back in the present, Senku tells the Kingdom of Science that he is going to reinvent the telephone to use with Taiju who is undercover in the Kingdom of Might with Yuzuriha.

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