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My Hero Academia: Fighting Fate | 4 x04 – recap

In the previous episode, Midoriya was accepted into his work-study with Sir Nighteye. By the end credits, Midoriya had run into their prime subject Overhaul while walking on patrol with Le Million also known as Togato. This episode begins as Togato and Midoriya, now going by their hero names Le Million and Deku, proceed with their walk. Just as their walk begins, a little girl bumps into Deku running from an alleyway with Kai Chisaki closely behind.

Kai states that the little girl is his daughter. Le Million tries to keep a low profile while noticing that the situation is suspicious. He summons Deku to let the girl go, but she grabs on to Deku tighter.

Even though Le Million urges Deku to leave it alone, but Deku is a hero and can not bring himself to leave the little girl in the situation. Deku straight-up asks Kai what he is doing the girl.

Kai walks them into the alleyway to “explain”, but as he starts to talk he tugs at his glove. Eri (the little girl) jumps out of Deku’s arm at that signal. Eri goes back into to keep Deku and Le Million from needing to fight.

Meanwhile, Bubble Girl and Sir haven’t found any new information since beginning their surveillance of Kai’s property. But they do notice fewer people are moving around the property. That’s because they have an underground tunnel.

When the group meets up again, Deku and Le Million tell Sir their information. Deku is ready to save Eri, but Sir tells him that he needs to take his time because if he moves with haste, he will end up in trouble.

The good news is other agencies are helping them to investigate.

Back at U.A., Todoroki and Bakugo are in rough condition due to their extra classes for their hero licenses. The class has a random banter but Midoriya can not concentrate so he finds All Might running in the park to understand Sir Nighteye, Togato being a candidate for One for All, and the rift between him and Nighteye.

All Might tells him that he and Sir disbanded their partnership after he was injured. Sir believed All Might should retire because his foresight showed him a future where All Might dies a gruesome death in battle. (His foresight is never wrong).

All Might does not want to give up and leave the world without a symbol of peace. He also explains he was supposed to meet Togato first, but ran into Midoriya first and chose him as his successor.

Midoriya realizes that All Might wanted to spare him of knowing that he would die. The time frame of Sir Nighteye’s foresight is coming up. Midoriya asks All Might to change the future with him. All Might vows to keep on living with the hopes that Nighteye is wrong.

Midoriya asks All Might to have Nighteye use his foresight to see if they changed the future already. To do that, they will need to make up.

Lastly, we find out the Shigiraki wants to meet with Kai regarding their meeting a few epsiodes ago.

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