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Is ‘Fall Inn Love’ the perfect romantic movie? (Netflix)

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Triple entertainment threat Christina Milian taps into her acting skills as she joins more celebrities going the streaming route with Netflix’s romantic comedy Falling Inn Love. 

Gabriela Diaz (Christian Milian) is on the verge of pitching her dream Eco-friendly renovation and cementing her relationship with her boyfriend Dean (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman). Things suddenly take a turn for the worst. 

Gabriela laid off from her job and finds out Dean isn’t ready to move in together. As a result, she enters a Win-A-Inn contest on a drunken whim and wins. 18 hours and three bus rides later, she arrives in a small but beautiful town in New Zealand.

Taking a page from the Hallmark Channel, the scene is set in a picturesque town with perfect days of sunshine, friendly people and an inviting local cafe. 

To Gabriela’s dismay, the Inn is far from open house ready. She arrives to see overgrown foliage, rusted appliances, and broken glass taking over the property. However, Gabriela welcomes the DIY project. She drains her funding resources and refuses help from a handsome eligible bachelor named Jake Taylor (Adam Demos). 

Charlotte (Anna Julllienne), resident trouble maker and owner of rival breakfast inn, makes it clear that she is ready to buy Gabriela out and send her back to America. In spite of this, Gabriela embraces the local people and eventually Jake throughout the renovation of the Inn.

Gabriela and Jake grow closer through design arguments and playful banter. In due time, they connect and fall in love with a backdrop of gorgeous beaches. Charlotte’s antics, surprise ex-boyfriend visits, and missed opportunities threaten the budding romance but this story has a classic happy ending.

Beyond the interracial aspect, a city girl falling in love with a small-town guy story is basic. Secretly, women love these films because they are wholesome and play into the fantasy of accidentally finding pure love. So pour yourself a glass of wine, plug in your headphones, and escape into another perfect love story.

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