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The Flash: Kiss Kiss Breach Breach | 6 x05 (the CW)

Iris doesn’t want to go on vacation with Barry because there is a lot of stuff going on, but Barry talks her into going away for two days. Cisco is attaching to his pending role as the team leader. He created a decision-making algorithm, B.A.R.I.

Iris, Barry, Cisco, and Ralph test the B.A.R.I to see if it’s like Barry and have a little fun moment with it. Afterward, Barry and Iris leave for vacation and Cisco sends Ralph to go see Frost.

Cisco tries to go to sleep, but begins to sleepwalk and picks up scissors to cut his fingers. The finger prick wakes him up. He finds out that he has recently started sleepwalking by his girlfriend. She calms him down and then they go back to bed. Cisco almost says I love you but aborts at the last moment. Josh, also known as Breacher, breaches into his room and says Cynthia (his ex) has died.

Cynthia / Gypsy was tracking a high-level hacker named Echo. Josh wants Cisco/Vibe to help him avenge her death. Once Josh finds out Cisco doesn’t have his powers anymore, he asks about psychosis. (This probably explains the sleepwalking). Cisco decides to help despite not being a meta anymore.

Zak Zeal is the head detective on Gypsy’s case. He shows Kamilla and Cisco around the crime scene. Zak gives off an odd vibe. Cisco senses this and decides he is a suspect. He and Kamilla start to investigate his gain from Gypsy’s demise.

Side Mission: 

Frost feels like she has to stop Ramsey alone. Ralph tries to convince her that she should trust her friends to help her. Their talk sparks an idea in Frost so that she can find Ramsey.

Caitlin, not Frost, visits Ramsey. He wants her to join him because he’s learned to control his powers. Caitlin declines and ends up getting choked up by Ramsey. He leaves her breathless and tells her that next time they meet, she won’t have a choice other than to join him.

Joe catches up with Nash Wells in the tunnels of Central City. He finds him trying to break down the wall where he saw the Monitor walking via hologram. Wells accidentally sets off his wrist device causing a cave in. 

Joe and Wells are still stuck underground. Wells causes an explosion by accident and zaps most of the oxygen out of their area leaving them with 45 minutes until they are out of oxygen. 

Joe gives him a speech about having faith in people. They almost pass out but Ralph comes to save them. Finally, Wells gets convinced to trust Team Flash and invites them to investigate the tunnels with him with the possiblity of saving the Flash.

“B.A.R.I initiate artificial vibrational sequence.” – Cisco

Cisco goes into a forced vibe to see how gypsy was killed. Breacher stood by while they both watched the events. Kamilla was on standby to locate to coordinates of the weapon used to kill Gypsy. She finds the weapon used to shoot Gypsy in Cisco’s lab just as Cisco and Breacher see the killer is Cisco (or someone who looked like him from Earth-19). 

Side note: Kamilla said that Cisco was sleepwalking the other day with his clothes and keys, but she walked him back to bed. I found it odd that all of a sudden, Cisco would be going through psychosis because he hasn’t had his powers for a while. 

Breacher almost kills Cisco because he is seemingly responsible for Gypsy’s death. But he changes his mind because he figures breach psychosis is the cause. Breacher tells him to get his affairs in order and turn himself in. Kamilla convinces Cisco to find out who is framing him.

Cisco finds himself (aka Echo from Earth-19) in a warehouse. Echo explains how he set Cisco up, they end ended up fighting, and Cisco traps him in an anti-vibe force field. The Earth-19 police come to take him away.

Breacher invites Cisco and Kamilla to Gypsy’s funeral and they say their goodbyes. 

This show has all the characters talking about having faith in people, love, and yourself. Barry has faith in Cisco to run the operation while he is on vacation. Joe has faith in CCP to find him underground. Ralph tells Frost to have faith in her friends. Plus, Kamilla has faith in Cisco that he is worthy of being a leader.

Just as Team Flash seemed to be preparing themself for the Crisis, Wells restored hope that they can save Barry Allen from the Monitor’s future.

The next episode is being released on Nov. 19 2019.

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