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The Flash: Dead Man Running | 6 x 03 (the CW)

In the previous episode, Barry traveled to the future in his mind with the help of Jay Garrick and saw billions of scenarios where Anti-Matter destroyed the earth. The only time the world was not destroyed was in the instance that Barry sacrificed himself.  

To start this episode, Barry and Iris told Team Flash about the Monitor’s prediction and the time travel confirmation. However, instead of revealing that he has to die he just tells them that he disappears. 

Meanwhile, the zombie that Ramsey accidentally created while trying to develop a cure for HLH attacked and killed several arms dealers that he used to work with while seeking dark-matter.

Barry, Joe, and Frost arrive at the crime scene and identify the attacker as Mitch Romero. However, Frost determines that Ramsey is involved. She breaks into his lab, holds him at icicle point, and interrogates him.

Against Frosts’ advice, Barry brings Ramsey on to consult the case because he is a blood specialist. While working together, Barry, Ramsey, and Frost figure out that Romero is seeking dark matter because it fuels his anger.

When Killer Frost and the Flash find him trying to rob a lab, Romero attacks the Flash and Frost throws him out of a window. Barry gets upset at her because that’s technically not heroic.

Barry is especially sensitive since finding out his fate, so he urges Frost to be less aggressive. However, she has a chip on her shoulder because she’s afraid of dying now that Caitlin is letting her live her life. Barry helps her resolved those feelings later in the episode.

Side Missions:

This week there are two side missions. The first involves Ralph. His mother gets arrested for robbing a pawn shop. Cecile and Ralph prove her innocent, but not without exposing some excess baggage regarding Ralph’s dad leaving them when he was young. All ends well.

The second side mission involves Iris’ intern Allegra. She found security footage of Harrison Wells and wanted to pursue the lead. Iris, knowing that there are infinite earths, knows that this is a different Wells. She excludes Allegra from the investigation but takes Cisco with her to confront Wells. We find out that Wells is looking for eternium on this earth, but we don’t know why yet. Plus, Wells isn’t really sharing information right now.

Allegra tries to quit the Citizen, but Iris convinces her to stay with the promise that she will tell her the truth about Wells soon. 

Pain Beneath My Anger

Back with the main story, Ramsey proves to be helpful. Barry and he discover the Romero is being kept alive by the dark matter. Ramsey arrives at Star Labs to find a way to shut him down, but he also plans to steal dark matter for his own experiments. 

Apparently, Barry did pay attention to Frosts’ warnings about Ramsey which resulted in him catching Ramsey trying to steal dark matter. They have a brief argument about how they are both counting the days. However, Ramsey is focused on how many he has until he dies. Barry is focused on how many he has to live. 

They come to a consensus to stop Romero together. Ramsey praises Barry for his strength during this time but calls him naive for not fighting to live.  

Mitch Romero ends up getting into Star Labs and attacking Ramsey. Ramsey discovers they are connected in some way. It’s probably because Romero was actually killed by Romero’s mutation. 

Barry shows up while Romero is mimicking Ramsey but gets distracted by the dark matter in Barry’s hand. He chases him down the hall and gets trapped in a containment pod, but breaks out because he’s super strong.

Frost comes to aid Barry and they determine that they can overload Romero’s system by making him overdose on dark matter. She was right and Romero ends up exploding.

Ramsey and Barry part ways despite their shared reality. Ramsey continues to look for a cure. He believes Romero’s blood contains an effective cure for HLH, one that would eliminate his need for dark matter. He starts human trials on himself and mutates to consume it. Ramsey is steadily transforming into Bloodwork.

Barry throws Frost a birthday party and ends up telling the entire team that he’ll sacrifice himself so that the world can survive the crisis.

Meanwhile, new Wells tracks eternium to a manhole in Central City.

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