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Fire Force: The Trap Is Set | (1 x 13) – recap

In the previous episode, Benimaru and Obi got into a fight because imposters impersonated Obi and Hinawa and framed them for turning villages in Asakusa into infernals. Konro, the captain of the 7th, convinced Benimaru to allow Obi and the rest of the 8th to explain.

During Benimaru’s investigation of the town, Konro told the 8th about his fateful fight with a demon infernal that almost killed him and left him critically injured. After the battle was over, Soichi Hague from the 4th tried to recruit Konro and Benimaru because, at the time, they were not in the Fire Force.

Hague promised them the support of the company and the government. Konro chose to join the Fire Force. he took the title of captain because Benimaru didn’t want it. However, due to Konro’s injury, Benimaru as co-captain still takes care of most responsibilities. Konro’s reason to work with the Fire Force despite being exploited was to able to take care of the village better.

After hearing this story, Shinra tells Konro that his life is worth living. He pleads with Konro to ask for his help before sacrificing himself in battle.

The Trap is Set

Turns out the faux doppelganger situation has affected a lot of the villagers. While Beniamru investigates Obi and Hinawa’s story, he realizes a lot of villagers are arguing and blaming each other for wrongdoings.

A knight that is working with the Evangelist can alter faces using fire. As a result, he is sending distractions to the village in hopes that the confusion will allow the Evangelist knights to attack the 8th.

Arthur is the only one able to identify the imposter when Hinata and Hikage are fighting about which one is the real version. After figuring out the imposter, Konro proceeds to interrogate the fake to find out where the missing twin is. However, he fails because the imposter turns himself into an infernal using a bug. Hinawa arrives to eliminate him.

Meanwhile, Benimaru is going through the town taking care of infernals that are popping up as a result of the White-Clad while trying to evacuate everyone.

Arthur and Shinra face two members of the White-Clad while tracing the source of the attacks on the village. They are the same knights that eliminated Rekka when he held children hostage in the warehouse. Shinra and Arthur have a hard time working together which allows the White-Clad to get the upper hand. Once they play to each other’s strengths the tide starts to turn.

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