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My Hero Academia: Overhaul (4×2) – recap

Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, visits the League of Villains to speak with Shigaraki about his plan. Initially, Shihgaraki thinks he wants to join their group, but it becomes evident that he intends to take over the group.

Kai states that intent without a plan is a delusion. He exclaims that he has a plan and because All Might and All For One are out of commission now is the time to take action. Kai wants to be the new leader of the underworld of crime.

Shigaraki’s aggression takes over and his henchmen try to defend the honor of the league. Magne attacks Kai first. He touches Kai’s arm and blows up because Kai’s quirk, Overhaul, allows him to disassemble and reassemble anything he touches. Mr. Compress also loses an arm.

Reinforcements arrive and Kai leaves telling Shigaraki to contact him when he is not so angry. 

Back at U.A, class 1-A is still preparing for work-study. All Might has personal reasons for not introducing Midoriya to Sir Nighteye, but Togata is going to introduce him because he currently working with him now at the Nighteye Agency. 

Midoriya has had some growth too. His reason for wanting to be a hero has evolved from wanting to save the world with a smile to wanting to protect everyone without them worrying. He now wants to be the strongest hero.

All Might reminisces about a time when Togata would have been his successor but meeting Midoriya changed things.

When Midoriya meets Sir Nighteye it gets weird very quickly. Togata tells him that he needs to make him laugh on his own. Midoriya’s attempt seems to fail at the end of the episode when he impersonates All Might and Sir perceives this as ridicule.

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