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Gemini Man (review)

Henry is retiring after 72 assassinations. He was working for the government as an assassin after years in the armed forces. On the day of his retirement, he is contracted to terminate an assumed terrorist. Unfortunately for Henry, the target was a biologist that worked with the Gemini program.

One of Henry’s close friends warned him of the fabricated file that stated the target was a terrorist and gave him important information. With the fear that Henry would come after them, the government and the leader of the Gemini program to target Henry as a rogue agent to cover their tracks.

The government sends agents to terminate all his known friends and then uses the Gemini program to go after him when other agents can’t get the job done. The creator of the Gemini program sends a clone he created of Henry to kill him in some sick attempt at a right of passage.

However, once the clone (also known as Clay Jr.) finds out the truth he becomes conflicted and ultimately determines that his “fathers” twisted admiration for Henry has to be stopped. This result in the death of his father and dismantling of the Gemini program.

This movie was an interesting watch. There were brief moments where Henry’s motivation was not to save himself, but to save his younger self from going down the same path and becomes incapable of leading a “normal life” away from death and pain.

The action sequences will hold your attention. Whether it was hand to hand combat, vehicle chases, or explosions everything was entertaining.

Will Smith’s performance was exceptional. I expected to enjoy the moments when he acted against himself and I was not disappointed. His character Henry tries to save Clay Jr. once he realizes that they both, though born very differently, were still very much connected.
The resolve of the film allowed for a happy ending and I like happy endings.

I left the theater optimistic that Clay Jr. would be okay and so would Henry.

The only drawback I had against this film was the CGI. Though it was a very cool idea and seeing Fresh Prince on screen was cool, I could tell it was a CGI face. Maybe it was some of the lighting decisions made, but something just felt off. Seeing Clay Jr. was like watching Will Smith as a video game character rather than a flesh and bone younger version of himself.

That is the only thing that broke immersion for me from time to time, but it didn’t fully hinder me from following the story or enjoying the action.

If you enjoyed Will Smith in I am Legend or any of his blockbuster films, you should give Gemini Man a watch. I think you will appreciate it.

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