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‘No Guns Life’ after one episode

Episode 1 | Renegade Extended

This anime follows Juzo Inui, an overextended war weapon left without purpose since the war ended. He has a huge hand cannon for his head as a result of his augmentation. Other beings have had extensions too. We encounter Karen. She has an eye extension that makes her a great sharpshooter, but she works for the Berühren organization that poses as an orphanage to experiment on children.

One day Juzo is living life as a fixer when he encounters Tetsuro who is on the run from the Berühren Corps. He possesses a Harmony device in his body. The Harmony allows him to control extended bodies without being near them for a certain amount of time. Tetsuro used his power to try and escape Beruhren but was unsuccessful.

Karen recovered him and returned him to the organization. However, Juzo put a tracker on him and is planning to recover him because he was contracted to do so by Tetsuro while he was in the extended body.


Having not read the manga for this anime, I expect to learn about Juzo’s time during the war and find out why he no longer wields his hand cannon extended head. I think that lore coupled with the back story for Berühren Corps will likely give the best part of the story. The protection of Tetsuro will be the bases in which we learn about the important issues.

Juzo seems like a renegade with a soft side. I wouldn’t be surprised if he develops a parent-like affection for the child while trying to hold up his promise which will cause him problems at the same time.

We’ll do a mid-season review.

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