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The Flash: A Flash of the Lightning | 6×02 (the CW)

In this episode of The Flash on CW, Barry and Iris begin to process the Monitor’s message. They are not willing to accept the Flash has to die to save everyone, so Barry decides to time travel to the future and see the crisis for himself.

Unfortunately, Barry keeps running into an anti-matter barrier that is preventing him from traveling in the speed force to the future. He ends up getting stabbed by a shard of anti-matter and injured as a result.

To figure out why he can’t time travel, Barry visits Jay Garrick on Earth-3 with the help of a mobile Gideon. Garrick tells him that he has been investigating disturbances attributed to anti-matter across the universe and recommends using mind time travel instead to get past the anti-matter wall into the future.

Garrick’s wife, Joan helps them in this experiment. That usually wouldn’t matter, but Joan looks like Barry’s’ mom. He doesn’t tell her, but Iris ends up mentioning it to her later in the episode.

During his mind travel, Barry sees billions of timelines. All of them end with negative outcomes. He sees Iris and the rest of Team Flash get incinerated by what looks like anti-matter before the world implodes. The only timeline that shows everyone survives is the one where Barry sacrifices himself.

When Barry returns from his mind travel, he tries to accept his fate while explaining the options to Iris. Iris gets upset and storms off leaving Barry to brood. Luckily, Joe comes by and ends up giving Barry comfort and motivation while talking about the call of duty and being resilient based on the calling you’ve accepted.

Meanwhile, Cecile is working a meta-human homicide case as the District Attorney. But instead of trying to prosecute, she aims to prove the defendant, Allegra Garcia, is innocent because as a meta Cecile can tell she’s innocent. Things get complicated when Allegra violates parole, but ultimately it works out.

Iris, Ralph, Killer Frost, Cisco, and Kamilla (Cisco’s girlfriend) help Cecile follow the trail that ultimately shows Allegra is innocent. They find out that Allegra’s cousin, Esperanza survived the meta blast that Allegra thought killed her.

She’s also working for a secret organization under the moniker, Ultraviolet. Allegra was just in the wrong place as the wrong time when an assassination got sloppy.

Ultraviolet ends up attacking CCPD to kill Allegra and protect her secret identity. However, the Flash is somewhat rejuvenated and fights through her heatwaves to knock her out and save the day. As a result of this, Cecile decides to become a defense attorney that helps meta-humans. She helps Allegra get an internship with Iris at The Citizen.

Alongside helping Cecile with her case, Cisco and Ralph were helping Killer Frost discover the outside world. They took her to Cisco’s girlfriend’s art showing, but she was a little disrespectful to the art. By the end of the episode, Frost tries to use art to express herself and Cisco encourages her.

It’s sort of a happy ending but, Barry drifts off thinking about what he’s about to lose, the tragedy about to occur, and the sacrifice he has to make.

While the Ultraviolet issue was being resolved, Ramsey was still hunting for dark matter, but this time his connect wasn’t available and his stand-in tried to raise the price. A misunderstanding resulted in the dealer being killed by Ramsey’s mutant component.

Ramsey uses the dealer’s to do experiments. However, the corpse wakes up, knocks Ramsey out and escapes. Next week team flash will deal with that.

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