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Fire Force: Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa (1 x 12) – recap

Fire Force returned from a three-week sabbatical and picked up with Company 8 in the Fire Force Company 7 territory in Asakusa. All of Company 8 begin helping Benimaru and the rest of his town clean up after the recent damaged caused by the infernal transformation and cleansing in episode 11. 

Meanwhile, Princess Hibana is holding down Company 8 at their headquarters while Obi is with Benimaru. Konro, the captain of company 7, convinces Benimaru that they should assist in the investigation of the Fire Force with Obi and Company 8. But when Benimaru overhears Obi and Hinawa saying they are responsible for the infernals things get heated.

Benimaru chases Obi and Hinawa through the village and vows to kill them both. He tells them the evangelist is fake because and blames them for every infernal that has surfaced.

Turns out those evangelists knights are shapeshifters because two of the members looked just like Obi and Hinawa and planted that information so that Benimaru, who was already skeptical of Company 8, would not join the investigation.

A battle between Benimaru and Company 8 commences. 

Benimaru easily knocks down Shinra, Arthur, Hinawa, and Maki. Obi returns from putting on his gear ready for a fight captain to captain.

Did you know Obi does not have powers?

This realization confused Benimaru and the rest of the onlookers as they did not understand how Obi was so strong without powers. Konro interrupts their fight and stops Benimaru from using his strongest move and killing Obi.

Konro is sickly and using his powers injures him. After he de-escalates the fight, they return to his quarters and Obi and Hinawa attempt to clear their name.

As a result, Benimaru listens to Obi and Hinawa’s side. Shinra states that he was told by Obi summon Benimaru to the alleyway. Obi and Hinawa state they were at the store and Maki corroborates their story. Benimaru storms off to the store to check the source and tells Company 8 not to leave before judgment.

While the group waits for Benimaru’s return, they speak with Konro who is laying down due to his injuries. This discussion leads to a flashback of Solar year 196 in Tokyo.

Konro and Benimaru had reached their pyrokinetic limit. An infernal, unlike the others, showed up. Konro took him on despite Benimaru’s plea. He defeated the infernal but at the expense of his health.

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