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Dr. Stone: The Culmination for 2 million years (1 x 15) – recap

In this episode of Dr. Stone, the group is coming down from Chrome’s victory. Asagiri walks back across the bridge after helping Chrome win his battle with Magma. He tells Senku that he will speak with him after the Kingdom of Science takes over the village.

Ginro prepares to face Senku in the semi-finals. He turns to Ruri to assure her that Chrome will win because she loves him. However, when she says that she will marry whoever wins the tournament, the scumbag in Ginro comes out as he thinks about ruling the village.

With his self wants in mind, he charges at Senku with his weapon while fantasizing about food and a harem. The entire village gasps at Ginro’s actions and everyone agrees that he should not win.

Chrome throws Suika’s helmet to Senku and he uses it to propel his mallet upward to hit Ginro with a low blow. The blow connects and Senku wins the match.

After Ginro is defeated, Senku stands with the rest of the village waiting for Chrome to begin the final battle in the Grand Bout. However, Chrome is knocked out cold. The rules state that the inability to compete means you forfeit the match. The Kingdom of Science attempts to wake Chrome up but fails. The crowd mummers about Senku being the winner by default.

Unfortunately, Chrome does not wake up in time and Senku is announced the new chief of the village.

The Culmination for 2 Million Years

As Senku accepts his position. The former chief, Kokuyo (Ruri and Kohaku’s father), protests him because he is an outsider. Senku says a win is a win and asks for the wine to be brought to him as his prize.

One of the barrels has turned to vinegar, but it’s okay because Senku needs that as well.

Shortly after the bout, Ruri begins to cough up blood. Senku knows he has to make the antibiotic now or she will die. He divorces Ruri, takes the barrels and runs to the river to continue making the antibiotic with Asagiri, Kohaku, Suika, and Kaseki.

Asagiri and Kaseki wait at the waterfall with a new machine that Kaseki created to filter water for Senku.

Now chief again, Kokuyo wants to capture Senku. Kinro and Ginro jump to his defense and tells the chief to allow Senku to explain for himself once he returns.

Senku wakes Chrome up with ammonia and tells him to help the team so that they can finish the antibiotic by the next day. The team works hard throughout the day completing 25 steps to finish their work.

Asagiri notices that the contraption at the waterfall has filtered the water and made it carbonated. He runs to Senku to show him. Senku uses that to put the final touches on Ruri’s medicine and announces that they’ve made the sulfur cure-all drug!

As the group goes back into the village, Senku tells Asagiri Gen to go back to their hut to rest. Asagiri returns to find a bottle of Cola waiting for him. Asagiri screams with delight at the promise Senku fulfilled and enjoys his drink.

Finally, Ruri takes the drug that Senku and the others have created for her. Senku listens to her lungs and determines that there is fluid in them. He worries that she may have tuberculosis. And when Suika tells the group that Ruri is getting worse, he fears his worries have come true.

Luckily, Senku determines that she has pneumonia. But his antibiotic will treat her and help her get better!

Yay science!

Ruri eventually gets better and her Kokuyo rejoices. As a result, he dubs Senku chief of the village. He calls him by his full name, which no one has known up to this point. Ruri walks over to him and states that she has known for a long time that his name is …

Ishigami Senku!

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