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My Hero Academia: The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A (4×1) – recap

Finally My Hero Academia has returned for season 4 of the anime! I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while and now, we get to watch the next phase of Izuku Midoriya’s journey to becoming the symbol of peace!

If you missed any of my season recaps for My Hero Academia seasons 1 through 3, feel free to click this link and get a quick refresher.

Now, let’s jump into season 4 episode 1 of My Hero Academia, The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A.

Deku and friends accept a visiting photographer, Taneo Tokuda, into their dorms under the perception that he is doing a story on the heroes in training adjustment to life on school grounds. Eraser makes this announcement to Class 1-A and admits that he hopes the opinions of the parents and the public will begin to favor UA High after reading the article.

If you recall tension between the public and UA has been high since the League of Villians kidnapped Bakugo.

However, Tokuda is actually plotting to discover who All Might’s successor is. His gut is telling him that All Might was not talking to other villains when he said, “Now, it’s your turn!” while pointing to the camera after fighting All For One. He believes that All Might was speaking to his successor. Turns out the photographer is right on the money when he deduces that Midoriya is the next symbol of peace.

Nothing major happens in this episode as the photograph observes each class member. The members of Class 1-A commence their normal schedules and All Might gives Midoriya some snacks for the class while stopping by the dorms.

The Tokuda catches a moment between All Might and Midorya talking. When he finally has a chance to speak with Midoriya for himself, his hope is restored because he picks out the traits that make him perfect to take the mantle of the symbol of peace.

The Tokuda says that he’ll write a book when Deku takes his place and title the book, “When the Symbol of Peace was Young”.

Eraser notices the two speaking while watching from the window, but does not mention it. This light-hearted first episode gave viewers the feel-goods just before we meet the next villain in the League of Villains and things start getting serious.

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