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Let’s catch up on My Hero Academia (season 3 recap)

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My Hero Academia season 3

Eraser informs the Class 1-A students that they will be training for the summer break. Class 1-B is also training as well. They go to a camp in the woods. They have a good time with the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Eraser and Vlad King helping them hone their skills and push themselves to the limit to be more effective heroes.

Deku even befriends a boy names Kota at the camp. He has a disdain for heroes because his parents were heroes and they were killed by villains. He resents that they were taken from him due to their line of work.

Just as training camp begins to ramp up, Shigaraki sends an elite villain group headed by Dabi to disturb the training, steal blood, and kidnap Bakugo.

Stay back, Deku! – Bakugo

Though our budding heroes of Class 1-A seem outmatched a lot of them managed to overcome during their fights. Midoriya beats Muscular. Tetsutetsu and Kendo defeat Mustard. Tokoyami defeats Moonfish. Uraraka and Asui narrowly escape Toga. But Mr. Compress ends up abducting Bakugo and Tokoyami. 

Todoroki, Midoriya, Lida, and Shoji manage to retrieve Tokoyami. Mr. Compress and Dabi end up stealing Bakugo anyway by dragging him Kurogiri’s portal while an injured Deku rushes toward him but still fails to save him.

As a result of the events at camp, society and media condemn the UA staff and pro heroes for not ensures the safety of the students. The trust of the citizens starts to wain.

However, the police begin their investigation on Bakugo’s kidnapping and enlist All Might and other pro-heroes to help them.

Midoriya wakes up with injuries from the camp fight. He, Todoroki and Kirishima decide to go save Bakugo due to information they found out from Momo when she informed All Might that she put a tracker on one of the Nomu. 

Midoriya finds out that he used his hysterical strength during his fight with Muscular and is at risk for permanent damage in his arms. However, his doctor tells him that he saved Kota which reinvigorates him and he decides to go save Bakugo. Lida completely disagrees. There is a heated debate but eventually, Momo and Lida join Midoriya, Kirishima and Todoroki.

Throw yourself into traffic! – Bakugo

The League of Villains attempt to convince Bakugo to join them because of his aggression but he refuses to turn to the dark side.

The heroes hold a press conference discussing their shortcomings, Bakugou’s integrity, and the police investigation. While Shigaraki and the other villains relished in their victory, Best Jeanist, Grand Torino, Mt Lady, Gang Orca, Edgeshot, Endevor, and All Might show up to rescue Bokugo and almost succeed. 

They attack the same night of the press conference with All Might at the forefront. With Bokugo standing by his side and victory pretty much confirmed, All for One uses a new transfer quirk to snatch Bokugo and the villains out of the Pro-heroes grasp and bring them to his location.

All Might arrives on the scene and a fight between All Might and All For One begins. We find out that All For One killed All Might’s predecessor, Nana Shimura, and made her grandson, Shigaraki, his successor as the head of the League of Villains. 

The League of Villains continues to apprehend Bakugo. Midoriya formulates a plan that allows him, Todoroki, Lida, Momo, and Kirishima to rescue Bakugo and let All Might use his full power against All for One

Now, it’s your turn. – All Might

All Might and All for One battle until All Might’s last spark of One For All is used. All Might uses his last burst of power to put All for One down long enough for the police to take him into custody. He then sends a message for Midoriya through a news broadcast tell him that it is now Deku’s time to become the symbol of peace.

Provisional Hero Exam

A little time passes and the UA staff prepares for the new school year. All Might and Eraser visit each family under the instruction of Nezu (the principle of UA). The plan is to bring all of the students on to the UA campus to train them more effectively while keeping them safe.

All of the students are granted boarding by their parents and after a few days of acclimation, Eraser announces that Class 1-A will be going to take their provisional hero exam. 

Class 1-A goes up against other schools with stellar hero programs. All of the other participants know what quirks the UA students hold and have prepared for them. 

No man left behind

Todoroki splits off solo. Bakugou splits off from the group but is followed by Kirishima and Kamanari. Midoriya teams with Uraraka and Sero. Shoki, Jiro, Asui, and Momo work together. Lida rounds up everyone else and assures they pass round one of the exams.

There is a moment where Midoriya goes up against a student from Shiketsu High School named Camie. But she is actually Toga and she steals Midoriya’s blood.

In the second round, the groups are faced with an emergency rescue simulation that sees Gang Orca attack with minions to test how they would handle this situation under pressure. It mirrors All for One’s attack on the city during Bakugo’s kidnapping. 

As a result of Inasa Yoarashi’s (Shiketsu High School) vendetta against Todoroki, both students fail. Bakugou fails as well due to his language toward the rescue victims. However, a special course is offered to all 3 students so that they can receive their provisional license. 

Midoriya vs Bakugo: Proper Rivals

Once everyone is back at the UA dorms, Bakugo summons Midoriya to talk to him after hours. Bakugo inquires about Midoriya’s “borrowed” power. Midoriya never tells him the entire story, but a fight ensues between the two.

Bakugo’s frustration is revealed. He feels guilty that All Might used the last of his power trying to get him back. 

During their fight, tempers flared. Midoriya shows how much he has grown in power and might. But, it also shows Bakugo has progressed as well. Bakugo ends up winning their bout. 

All Might shows up at the end of their encounter and explains the entire situation to Bakugo. Bakugo promises to keep this secret and challenges Midoriya to never lose again because of the great power he’s inherited. They promise to push each other and become proper rivals. 

Eraser suspends Bakugo for 4 days and Midoriya for 3 days due to their fighting. When Midoriya returns to class, Eraser introduces an opportunity for work-study. He invites The Big 3 (Togata, Hada, and Amajiki) to speak with Class 1-A about the opportunity. 

They end up in a sparring match versus Mirio Togata. He takes out the whole class. He shared with them how his quirk of permeation works, how he tailored it to work for him and challenges the class to gain power through experience.  

 Togata tells the other members of the Big 3 that Midoriya is someone his mentor, Sir, would be interested in. Eraser and the other faculty members are going to decide who will be eligible for work-study. 

Midoriya calls Grand Torino to get a jump start, but Torino tells him to reach out to All Might instead. 

Meanwhile, the League of Villains is growing stronger as well. They are introduced to a villain that is under investigation by Sir. His name is Overhaul. 


I hope these recaps of My Hero Academia have helped simplify the story thus far for you. I look forward to watching season 4 starting October 12, 2019. 

See you then!

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