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The Flash: Into the Void | 6×01 – Season Premiere recap (the CW)

We catch back up with team flash moments after Barry and Iris viewed Nora’s goodbye message in the season 5 finale in the time chamber. Something glitches their system and fries their USB and her message along with it.

Fast forward and we see everyone trying to move on with their lives. Cisco and his girlfriend are getting closer, Joe and Cecile are barbecuing, Ralph is traveling for a case, and Caitlin is existing.

Barry and Iris seem off in some way as they continue to grieve for Nora. Barry is throwing himself into work and Iris is chasing treasured items that remind her of Nora, in this case, her speedster jacket. She wanted to save it for the Nora from their timeline. Unfortunately, the jacket gets sucked into a black hole that formed out of nowhere.

Caitlin attends the funeral of a former professor. In doing so, she reconnects with her son Daniel Ramsey. At first, it seems like a crush, but later in the episode they have coffee and he reveals that he is developing a cure for the strand of cancer his mother had.

His idea is to use dark matter to combat the cancer cells for future patients. He got the idea from Caitlin’s meta-human cure research. However, Caitlin says no. Ramsey gets angry and results in buying a weapon off of the black market with dark matter in it.

Rewind to the coffee shop, Caitlin gets up to leave and a black hole forms, similar to the one that almost took Iris, but bigger. Luckily, the flash arrives to save the day. In this scene, we find out that Killer Frost has been missing in action all summer long.

Iris and Cecile go to visit Chester, a streamer scientist that accidentally created a black hole while trying to communicate with aliens. His consciousness got stuck in the black hole after he touched it during its formation. Iris tells Barry and Cisco that they can not use the stellar grenade that Cisco created to blow it up or Chester will die too.

Heres a question, why didn’t you sedate him to calm his brain activity until you figured out a solution? I’m assuming that would make for a boring show, but it’s logical.

Anyway, Iris and Barry share their feelings and decide to grieve together instead of separately suffering. Just as this feel-good moment occurs, Chester creates a big black hole in the middle of Central City.

The Flash eventually saves the day by jumping into the black hole, retrieving Chester’s consciousness, and putting it back in his body using a machine Cisco has been building.

It was a pretty dope moment in the episode. This was a great jump start to the season. The entire episode turned into a feel-good moment after that.

Caitlin and Killer Frost agree to let Killer Frost live a little instead of always being a passenger except during times of crisis with the help of Ralph.

Meanwhile, Ramsey dismantled the weapon he purchased off of the black market to use the dark matter in his HLH cure. We find out that too is sick like his mother, but is trying to create a cure. He tests the cure on himself, but it backfires and he mutates in his science lab.

Ramsey isn’t the only threat to worry about though as the Monitor shows up and tells Barry and Iris that the Flash will die or disappear on December 10, 2019 (the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths on the CW). Barry insists that he will find a way not to, but the Monitor tells him that there is no hope.

There are a lot of story-lines converging for Crisis on Infinite Earths and this season of Flash will be a main focal point.

This season is going to be good.

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